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People Who Were Fired from Fox News

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Filling programming with an array of hot news anchors may rocket ratings among conservative viewers, but it also leads to occasional behind-the-scenes drama at Fox News. Going against the status quo at Fox News can prove disastrous. When Fox News loses control of the onscreen personalities, sometimes there's no choice but to let them go.

People who have been fired from Fox News tend to attract major attention. The network doesn't even hesitate to pull the plug on some of their most popular shows. Hosts of Fox News have been fired for various reasons, but most of the time it has to do with drama off-camera. The news anchors, hosts, and pundits who have been sacked from Fox News often manage to make headlines even after the fact.

Check out this list of people who got fired from Fox News.

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    The tension between Fox News and Glenn Beck continued even after he left the network. There was no official announcement that Beck was fired, but many speculated that that must be the case. Beck assured fans that he left the network willingly. According to Beck, he was trying to "save his soul." He said: "I remember feeling, ‘If you do not leave now, you won’t leave with your soul intact.'”

    A Fox representative fired back via email. It read: "Glenn Beck wasn’t trying to save his soul, he was trying to save his a**. Advertisers fled his show and even Glenn knows what that means in our industry. Yet, we still tried to give him a soft landing. Guess no good deed goes unpunished.” 

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    Sarah Palin was pulled from Fox News programming after she started butting heads with higher-ups in the business. Palin eventually broke her silence regarding the beef. She said: "I haven’t talked about publicly, things like getting canned from a job I really liked, sort of out of the blue, because I called somebody out." However, it appears there's no bad blood between the two any longer.

    Palin has appeared in guest spots on the network numerous times since having her show cancelled.

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    Andrea Tantaros's tenure as host of the Fox News panel Outnumbered ended when the cable network quietly removed from the air following "issues" regarding her "contract," according to Fox. Tantaros' book, Tied Up in Knots: How Getting What We Wanted Made Women Miserable, was only published a day before, a move many found odd considering the promotion possibilities.

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    Marc Lamont Hill was a frequent guest speaker on The O'Reilly Factor, as well as an variety of other Fox News shows. Hill, known for being one of the few liberal commentators on the network, was let go after getting into a heated argument with author David Horowitz, who called him an "affirmative action baby."

    Hill's appearances were cut, with the announcement made by Rupert Murdoch himself.