Total Nerd These People Tried To Guess '80s Cartoon Catchphrases And The Results Are Hilarious  

Rebecca High

There are a fair amount of '80s catchphrases that have stood the test of time within mainstream pop culture, but this video explores a burning question: are any of them really specific to the plethora of cartoons that made the '80s such a great time to be a kid? And does anyone still know who He-Man was?

The '80s did produce a lot of catchphrases, to be fair, that still exist today. Phrases like "Say hello to my little friend" and "rad" originated in the '80s, but had their roots in places other than cartoons. In this case the movies (Godfather), and subcultures (skate/suf), respectively.

But even though '80s iconography, like the Care Bears, for example, has remained recognizable, some of the slogans once associated with these shows have faded from colloquial use.

Not a lot of '80s cartoon catchphrases have lived to see the light of a new millennium, as this video shows. Maybe language just morphs more quickly than visuals...or maybe these kids are just babies. How many of these old catchphrases do you recognize?