Anime Underground People Who Don't Watch Pokemon Try To Guess Pokemon Sounds  

Mick Jacobs

For those of you familiar with the Pokémon franchise, you probably still remember the sounds Pikachu makes, in both the anime and video games. But the people in the video below know nothing about Pokémon, and making them guess their sounds is a Pokémon game you never knew you needed.

Imagine, if you never knew what a Staryu was, you would likely have no idea what sound it makes. It's a gem-encrusted sea star after all, should it even make any noise?

The guests who took part in this video gave it all their very best shot, and come somewhat close to guessing the proper Pokémon sounds. As a general rule, you're usually safe if you guess that a Pokémon's standard noise is just its name.

How do you think these newbs will do at this Pokémon challenge? Watch, and listen, to the video below to find out if they're Pokémon masters or just Pokémon morons.