Total Nerd People Who Don't Know Anything About X-Men Try To Guess Their Superpowers  

Mick Jacobs

In the already diverse and heavily-populated world of Marvel, the X-Men stand out as especially multifaceted and unique characters. The video below highlights this aspect of the X-Men universe by asking people to guess the powers of obscure X-Men villains.

To be honest, some of these villains are so obscure, it's a miracle anybody would get any of the answers correct. In a world where the main characters' powers include angel wings, three fingers, and turn sound into lasers, who can ever be sure of what powers the villains possess?

The people partaking in this game give some good guesses, but most fall a bit short at accurately guessing any powers.

Is your X-Men knowledge as encyclopedic as Cerebro? If so, give the video below a viewing and see if you can guess the superpowers of these X-Men super villains.