World History

People Who Were Actually Killed For Being 'Witches'

Most people have heard of the Salem Witch Trials and know that in many cultures people have been sentenced to death for heresy. But what you might not know is that this is a practice that has been committed throughout human history and across the globe - it is even still practiced in some cultures today. But who were these witches? Why were they killed? The answers to these questions may be a bit morbid, but it's also hard to deny that they're downright fascinating.

If you've looked into witch trials before, you might've learned that the majority of these cases were pure hogwash - mass hysteria, political motives, and plain old hatred have all been used as reasons for an individual to be executed as a witch. However, in some rare cases, people killed as witches really did confess proudly to their crimes, and a few even committed acts so terrible, people assumed that they had to be supernatural. 

So, keep in mind that a few of these stories are a little graphic, and climb aboard your boomstick as we look at the various souls who were killed for their witchy tendencies.