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17 People Who Were Killed by Bugs

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Entomophobia, insectophobia, and arachnophobia all describe a fear of bugs and insects. If a daddy long-legs doesn't make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, just wait until you read these stories of people who died from bug bites. While it's true that most bugs don't have a personal vendetta against humans, many people suffer severe allergic reactions to stings and bites, which can lead to their death.

Contrary to some Marvel comics, bug bites don't lead to superpowers. Spider bites don't make you Spider-Man, and ant nibbles don't make you Ant-Man. Bugs are fascinating creatures, but don't be fooled, a deathly allergic reaction to bug bites can be slow and painful. This list of bugs that killed people is damning evidence.
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