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People Really Killed by 'Fake' Weapons

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You might cringe while watching a violent movie in which characters are stabbed, shot, strangled, or otherwise grievously harmed, but at least you can tell yourself it's just movie magic, right? But sometimes, a fake weapon can prove to be just as fatal. There have been numerous people slain by fake weapons, including actors ended by prop weapons and even kids who lost their lives trying to pull seemingly harmless pranks, proving that even toys and innocent jokes can sometimes be fatal.

  • Actor Stabbed With Prop Samurai Sword

    Actor Daigo Kashino (also called Daigo Naito), 33, was killed when he was stabbed in the stomach with a prop samurai sword during rehearsal for a play in Tokyo in February 2016. Oddly enough, no one saw what happened. They heard Kashino cry out, then saw him bent over in apparent pain. Kashino had appeared in the Japanese TV show Love Shuffle, and was a voice actor in the anime Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser

  • Actor Hanged Himself During Immersive Play

    Raphael Schumacher, 27, was an actor in an experimental theater work in Italy in February 2016, according to CNN. In this particular play, audience members walked around the space and discovered different scenes. In Schumacher's scene, he gave a monologue before putting his own head in a noose. It wasn't until a med student in the audience noticed him shaking that it was discovered he had accidentally hanged himself.

    Schumacher was taken to a hospital, where he remained in a coma until he was declared brain dead. Others involved with the play stated that Schumacher's scene was supposed to be a shooting, but it was the actor's own idea to change it to a hanging. 

  • Actor Slits Own Throat with Prop Knife

    Daniel Hoevels, 30, was injured while acting in a play in a Hamburg theater in 2008. Hoevels' character committed suicide by slitting his own throat with a knife. When Hoevels went to act out the scene, he ended up slicing his own throat for real. It turned out that the property manager who bought the knife forgot to blunt the blade.

    Hoevels received stitches, and later declined to press charges against the forgetful prop manager. 

  • Brandon Lee Shot By Prop Gun Filming 'The Crow'

    One of the most infamous film set tragedies was the death of actor Brandon Lee, 28, in 1993. Lee, the son of actor Bruce Lee, had a starring role in goth cult classic The Crow. The scene in question depicted a group of gang members fatally shooting Lee's character after he walks in on them murdering his fiancée the night before the couple's wedding. A series of mistakes led to a dummy cartridge getting stuck in the barrel of the gun, unknown to the prop crew.

    When actor Michael Massee fired the gun at Lee, the dummy round fired just as a real loaded gun would. The bullet struck Lee in the stomach, hitting his aorta. He died in a nearby hospital following hours of surgery. The film was completed using Lee's stunt double and CGI.