People Named in Madonna's "Vogue"

Madonna dropped more than a few names in her 1990s song "Vogue" - and until 2014, only one of them was still alive. With over six million copies sold, it was the best-selling single of the year. She popularized the dance move "voguing" in her hypnotic video, which won three MTV Video Music Awards (and was nominated for six more). The song remains a staple of dance clubs and pop culture alike, and has been sampled or covered by everyone from The Chipettes to Beth Ditto to "Glee."   

Some of the popular names listed in Madonna's "Vogue," are Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Jimmy Dean, and Joe DiMaggio. Madonna paid homage to them in her music video by mimicking their signature poses and hand movements in her choreographed "vogue" dance. Many of the photographs featured in the video were taken by Horst P. Horst, who was displeased that Madonna did not credit his work in her video. 

Who's your favorite celebrity named in Madonna's "Vogue"?