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People Who Maybe Love Taco Bell Just A Little Too Much

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If you think your Taco Bell obsession is serious (do you even have the Taco Bell secret menu and some Taco Bell recipes memorized?), prepare yourself, because you’re about to see some people who love to live MAS. Yes, there are some people who love Taco Bell too much. While enjoying reasonably priced fast food tacos is all well and fine, maybe having a Taco Bell wedding dress is a bit much. Or hey, maybe having Taco Bell senior portraits is taking your love of the Quesarito one step too far. 

There’s quite a few reasons to love Taco Bell. It's affordable, offers Doritos taco shells, their Twitter account is hotter than their Diablo sauce, and they even serve breakfast. Oh, and occasionally you can catch a hilarious signs outside of Taco Bell. For some, even the horror stories of Taco Bell are not enough to shake their love of the fast food chain. True love is real, and the following folks prove it with their T-Bell devotion.

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    If You Eat Enough Taco Bell, You Might As Well Tattoo "Taco Bell" On You Lip

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    If You Don't Get Married In A Dress Made Of Taco Bell Wrappers, Are You Really Even Married?

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    Just A Tasteful Lower-Back T-Bell Tattoo

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    You Have To Let All The Other Taco Joints Know Where Your Allegiance Lies

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