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People Only Your Dad Cares About

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Ugh, what’s up with dads? The only things they seem to be able to do well are grill a steak and bore you to death with stories about baby boomer celebrities that no one cares about. Seriously, when was the last time you thought about Michael Landon? It was when your dad brought him up while you were pretending to care about fishing or whatever dad thing you were doing. There’s nothing inherently wrong with celebrities popular with baby boomers. If you're a fan of some of these celebrities that dads love that’s fine, but you might be a dad at heart.

Most of the celebrities popular with dads are unrecognizable to anyone born after 1985, or if you do recognize the name you probably can’t place them outside of your dad telling you a boring story about how Donald Fagen played piano for the Queen or whatever. Dads can be so cool. They know how to fix your car, they can drink a hundred beers, and they’ve always got some cash to float you, but they also have incredibly snooze-worthy anecdotes about celebrities that no one remembers. It’s like, come on dads, poke your head into the 21st century and figure out how to have a conversation about Beyonce for once.