People Share The WTF Stories About The Moment They Realized That Their Partner Was NOT 'The One'

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Over on Reddit, people share the times they made the sudden realization that their significant other might not be a perfect match. In these tragic tales, suddenly single folks share the out-of-the-blue, what-the-hell moments that made them decide that their relationship was a hardship. Here are a few tales of woe that would make any person wary. 

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    Grieve Faster

    From Redditor u/Nymaz:

    "God, it's been more than a week since your mother died. Aren't you over it YET?"

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    Broke Into The Apartment To Spy

    From Redditor u/teh_pwnererrr:

    Used her car as a ladder to break into my second floor apartment through the window, look at all my emails and instant message history, break a bunch of [stuff] and wait for me while crying to tell me she was pregnant, which turned out to be a lie which I found out after she also lied about getting an abortion.

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    Always Takes, Never Gives

    From Redditor u/Itabliss:

    Took him to urgent care one night about midnight. He had bronchitis. We didn't get home until 2AM. I got up a few hours later and went to work. He was a baby for a week, but made a swift recovery.

    Two weeks later, I was running a fever and miserable. He wouldn't take me to urgent care. I could barely walk a straight line. When I finally get to the doctor, I have a double ear infection, strep throat, and walking pneumonia. It took me two months to fully recover. A$$wipe.

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    Save The Cat

    From Redditor u/boogie_wonderland:

    I'd been dating a girl for a few months. One night, her cat got out and was bitten by a neighbor's dog. He was terrified and in pain, and that might have been part of the reason he peed on the rug next to his litterbox when we got him back inside. But the girl ran over and smacked him really hard in the head, yelling at him to stop.

    I immediately imagined what kind of mom she'd be if we ever had kids. I broke up with her a couple weeks later.

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    Wife Claimed To Be Able To Talk To Angels, Who Told Her To Cheat

    From Redditor u/RoyalLow:

    My wife of 13 years and the mother of my two children, seemingly out of the blue, claimed she had a "spiritual awakening" and can now see the future, communicate telepathically with animals, and can talk to angels. The angels told her to have an affair with another married man.

    I was doing everything I could to save the marriage, for my kids. I was desperate! I researched and considered the possibility of a tumor, mania, or schizophrenia, etc. but she would get offended when I would suggest a doctor and refuse to go. I reached out to her family, and her mom flew out concerned. But my ex put in a show. She told her family I was abusing her, so they excommunicated me. She had me served with divorce papers, but wouldn't leave. We co-habited for another three months after that. The most painful three months in my life. My youngest at one point told me I'm "the saddest man in the world." Broke my heart to think my son thought of his father that way.

    The day we told the kids, they both started crying. I started crying and they both jump in my lap and we held each other balling. I looked across at her, and nothing. Just staring off in space, aloof. That would be the best way to describe her, aloof. Just removed, gone.

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    11 Roses

    From Redditor u/newAKowner:

    Got her a dozen roses for some occasion. She proceeds to call me about an hour later, asking what the meaning behind me buying her eleven roses. I explained it must have been a screw up at the florists, and she says "That's okay, local town florist has single roses you can buy, so just go get one of those and bring it by to make an even dozen."

    I asked her how she realized it had eleven. She told me that her and her mother counted to make sure I had got enough.

    At that moment, her whole family came into perspective for me: Her dad was a lawyer who had a "trophy wife," just a little past her trophy years. He frequently went on surprise, overnight business trips. Her 22-year-old sister was getting picked up from the police station at least weekly which somehow never led to charges. Her mother (who was all but ignored by her father) would shower any guy brought home over the age of 15 with affection. The s/o in question had "jokingly" told me of her plan to go to college, find a rich guy, and marry him.

    Thank God I got 11 roses once...