26 Hilarious Photos of Actors Replaced by Digital Effects

Ever see pictures of actors before the CGI was added in a movie? They are often hilarious and ridiculous looking, which is why we've compiled this compilation for you. Movies are magic. Plain and simple. Once a movie is completed the final product is the result of the blood, sweat, and tears of hundreds or thousands of people working countless hours. It's been fine-tuned, tweaked, and perfected (more or less) before we ever see a frame of film. That is, unless we see a frame before it's ready. And that's when these amazing behind the scenes moments come in.

These days, it's not uncommon for actors to be heavily modified with computer generated imagery (CGI) or replaced altogether. When an actor, stunt person, or a stand-in wears those special form-fitting suits you'll see throughout this list, it allows the visual effects artists to monitor their movements and transform them into a giant gorillas, talking trees, or fire-breathing dragons, and so on. Digital effects technology advances exponentially every year, but those spandex suits covered in sensors still look really silly.

This list compiles those amazing moments before real people are replaced by digital effects, when they're still just a silly humans acting like a trash talking raccoons or vicious velociraptors. Which, it should be noted, isn't easy. These performers are doing a tough job, but they sometimes look hilarious doing it. That's why we put together a behind the scenes slideshow of people who will be replaced by CGI through movie magic. Vote up the funniest pictures below!