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Coroners, Roller Coaster Engineers And Others Reveal The Biggest Secrets About Their Professions

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You come into contact with them every day: cashiers, doctors, rollercoaster engineers, carnival workers. They're professionals and experts in their fields - in fact, you may be one of them yourself. But outside your own tiny corner of the universe, you don't often know or understand the little behind-the-scenes details that go into any other given professional's daily duties. From male escorts to air traffic controllers, everyone has industry secrets and insider tips that range from juicy stories to real-life consumer hacks.

Luckily, people from a variety of professions have taken to Reddit to spill the real-life secrets of their professions, and these job stories run the gamut from alarming to reassuring. Doctors dish on just how tired they are. Coroners let you know just how little they check out dead bodies. Dildo secrets are also revealed. From male escorts to preschool teachers, these people reveal insane secrets about their professions, all for your nosy pleasure. 

  • Your Fruit Is Full Of Spiders, According To Grocery Employees

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    From Redditor /u/KeepInMoyndDenny:

    Wash your fruit, we find spiders hanging out in grapes and berries all the time, your friendly neighborhood grocery store employee.

  • It's Not All Fun And Games For Roller Coasters Engineers

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    From Redditor /u/GetGreggedOn:

    I am a welder for a company that builds roller coasters... Every single weld is inspected and X-rayed for any defect. So I guess this doesn't apply but just so everyone can feel a little bit safer, I figured I'd let you internet people know.

  • Your Pharmacist Has Your Back Even When The Doctor Doesn't

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    From Redditor /u/FortuitousExplosion:

    I'm a doctor. When I'm on a 28-hour call I make lots of mistakes, and the nurses and pharmacists have kept you alive despite my best efforts. I'm sorry.

  • Sweepstakes Are Literally A Popularity Contest

    From Redditor /u/fusionman51:

    If you enter a sweepstakes or contest, some sites will use your friends list to decide how popular/cool you are and it ups your possibility to win.