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People Reveal The Biggest Secrets They're Keeping From Their Families  

Samantha Dillinger
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Want to know a secret? Sure you do. Want to tell a secret? Well, not always - even when the people on the receiving end are the ones you might trust the most: your family. Sometimes the truth is just too embarrassing, but other times keeping a secret from the ones you love means keeping them safe. 

Long withheld secrets that eventually come out can make someone laugh, but they can also end a marriage, start a feud, or eventually drive someone to confession. Some people have turned to Reddit as a confessional to share the secrets they're keeping from their families. Some are heartbreaking and momentous, such as a diagnosis, while others seem more lighthearted and silly, like a pea allergy.

Perhaps you have a similar secret you're holding on to, and reading about others will make you want to lock yours up even more securely, or eventually turn the key and open up.

They Won Millions In A Lottery

From Redditor /u/KappaMang:

I'm not very close with my family, not even my parents. About three years ago I won a mega-millions lottery, and haven't told anyone. I tell them I work in IT all day, but really I just play video games and sleep a lot.

I still work, although not necessarily as a means to "pay the rent." Also, I didn't win one of those absurdly life-changing amounts. Although I could, I still haven't moved out of my apartment or upgraded my car. Really, the biggest thing that's changed is I get to eat out at more two- and three-dollar-sign restaurants from Yelp, and much more often. Not having many friends or family kind of limits what you can do with the spending money.

Additionally, the state I live in collects a large portion of any lottery winnings as tax. I also took the lump sum, which brings the total down even more. I've put away most of the principal and am currently living off the interest and a modest amount in a liquid bank account. I definitely don't live an extravagant lifestyle or one of luxury, as I was warned that many lottery winners eventually go broke because of poor money management and spending.

Their Husband Didn't Succumb To Cancer

From Redditor /u/kitchentrash:

Everyone thinks my husband [perished from] cancer, but he was cancer-free.

He beat cancer, but couldn't quit the OxyContin. Truth is, he [overdosed].

Their Dad Saved The Life Of An X-Man In Training

From a former Redditor:

I grew up thinking I was part of the X-Men and would "train" in the backyard/swimming pool. My dad thought I was drowning one day because I held my breath underwater for so long so he jumped in to save me. I was in seventh grade.

I never told my dad holding my breath for as long as I could was part of my Mutant training. I never told them I thought I was part of the X-Men because I didn't want the government to get involved.

They Took Time Off From College To Start A Failed Business

From Redditor /u/Bombay66:

When I was 21, I lived in my college town for a year despite dropping all of my classes. I took out $25,000 in student loans and tried starting a T-shirt business.

It failed miserably and I re-enrolled the next year. My parents and friends were none the wiser... I still graduated in 4 1/2 years after some help from intensive online classes and summer school. Basically told my parents I was adding a minor to my degree and I paid for the last semester myself. Still, learned a lot about myself. Loans will be paid off in two years.