15 People Reveal The Skills They Learned In School That Are Useless Outside Of It

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It's frustrating to find out that something you had drilled into your head in school never actually matters in the real world. Don't fret if you're struggling to understand these skills nobody ever uses. Read on and vote for the most useless skills we learned in school. 

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    Identifying Poem Structure

    From Redditor u/PleasantlyLemonFresh:

    How to identify types of poems. Although I appreciate the knowledge of the arts, this has been entirely useless so far.

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    Dancing The Macarena

    From Redditor u/fwaming_dragon:

    We learned the Macarena in gym class in elementary school. I can't think of anything more useless than that.

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    Memorizing Pi

    From Redditor u/Joetato:

    When I was in college, I knew this guy who had memorized pi to a hundred places and was trying to do 1000. He seriously thought he could get a job at NASA just by reciting Pi to 1000 places during the interview. He also thought NASA used Pi to 500 places for shuttle launches.

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    Crafting Papier-Mâché Hearts

    From Redditor u/NervousRect:

    My 5th grade math teacher had us make anatomically correct hearts out of  Papier-mâché for THREE MONTHS instead of learning, I don't know, math. My dad was furious and went to the principal only to hear that her hands were tied because this teacher couldn't be fired/reprimanded because she had been there so long. She would also take time to sit us down on the floor to talk about menopause. Guess who sucks at math.

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    Dissecting Frogs

    From Redditor u/Back2Bach:

    In biology class, I learned how to dissect a frog and identify its organs.

    It's a skill I've never needed since.

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    Writing A 5 Paragraph Essay

    From Redditor u/mrsecurityman:

    The 5 paragraph essay. As soon as you get to college... "Forget everything you were ever taught about writing papers, welcome to MLA format." WHY THE HELL WERE WE NOT USING MLA BEFORE?!?!

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