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People Reveal Their Creepiest Relatives

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Unlike obnoxious classmates or mouth-breathing coworkers, your creepiest family members are always just one Thanksgiving or family reunion away from telling you with their words and eyes how "grown up" you look. Blood is thicker than water, but not as thick as the tension between you and your flat-earther cousin. All humor aside, a few creepy relatives have dark family secrets that make them more than just a joke.

Taking to Reddit, people shared their strangest relatives, both of the immediate and the extended variety. Some strange family members come across as monsters, others just a little misguided, but all of them likely think their relatives are the weird ones.

  • 5. A Real Monster Here

    From Redditor /u/atducker:

    I had a r(pist uncle. He's dead now. R*ped his mom. R*ped his aunt. R*ped his sister. That's just the ones we know about. My family refused to ever do anything about it. I was just telling my wife that I'm glad he's dead now because I no longer have to worry about keeping him away from my wife and kids. They never met him and they never will. He's dust now.

    The darkest part of it all is that it happened while my grandfather was there, and there's no way he didn't know about it. He just pretended he didn't know and still treated my uncle as his son up until he died from drinking too much a few years ago. My mom is pretty messed up about it all and so is my aunt. My grandmother is dead now. My mom worked through some stuff when my uncle was dying and talks about forgiveness, but I don't really know how she feels for real about it.

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  • 6. Turning Down Requests For Cuddles

    From Redditor /u/looktothesky13:

    My biological uncle Troy. I've only met him a few times, but goddamn he's creepy. He got mad when my mom (who was married to my adoptive father) wouldn't snuggle with him, that I wouldn't tell him when my period was, and when I told him that my five-year-old sister couldn't hang out with him alone (she's no relation of his).

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  • 7. Hands Off

    From Redditor /u/Earthlingalien_sex:

    I have this one uncle who always slaps mine and other girl cousins' asses and tells them how much they have "filled out."

    He is very well-liked and very much a Christian do-gooder. He also has daughters in their late teens, so everyone just shrugs and thinks it’s friendly. All of us girls have talked about it though and all try our best to steer clear of him because we feel the behavior isn’t coming from a good place, more of a sleazy one.

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  • 8. Some Hypocrites In This Family

    From Redditor /u/boiiwings:

    My uncle took his family on a cruise instead of to my wedding because my partner and I are queer, and it's a sin against God.

    This is the very same uncle who spent time on the sex offender registry about 20 years ago for having an inappropriate relationship with a minor... while he was married to my aunt, who was pregnant at the time.

    My other uncle also skipped my wedding, even though he and his wife are only married because he knocked her up when they weren't even dating.

    Or their dad, who molested his own daughter when she was young.

    It's a... High pedigree family.

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