People Divulge The 'Innocent' Things They Do That Could Be Seen As Creepy

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It is often difficult to understand a stranger's intentions, and when there's no context for creepy behavior, it's usually best to assume the worst. On occasion, however, creepy behavior is actually innocent, and sometimes it's supposed to be a compliment. Redditors share the innocent things they do that could be seen as creepy, and though most of them mean well, the stranger who receives an unprompted gift or an envelope with their personal data would reasonably be nervous. 

It's better to be safe than sorry when someone approaches you with odd behavior - but if you happen to know that anonymous caricature of you sleeping in public is harmless, these creepy stories where people mean well might be more fun than freaky.

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    They Knit Their Hair Into Scarves And Keep A Blood Diary

    From Redditor /u/tinyfeet:

    Whenever I knit scarves for people, I always weave one strand of my own hair into it.

    I also have a blood diary. It started fairly harmlessly when one of my friends scraped his knee and smeared it in my art notebook for [laughs], but since then, it's escalated. I now have samples from most of my friends. It's actually pretty cool, but if I slip up and mention it to an acquaintance, my reputation as a normal human being goes to sh*t.

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    They Like To Look Into People's Windows At Night

    From Redditor /u/avenging_sword

    I like to look in people's windows. Not to watch them have sex or anything, but just to see what they are doing in there, what their house looks like. Conveniently, I have a dog. I like to walk him at night when most people are inside but not asleep yet. If someone's blinds are open, I will stand in front of their house just looking in until they either notice or I've absorbed all I need to about their house.

    I have no intention of ever going inside their house or meeting them. I have trouble driving through subdivisions at night because I'm always trying to look in the windows as I drive.

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    They Photograph Strangers In Private Moments

    From Redditor /u/TheMadStork:

    I'm a street photographer; I take candid photos of people in public for various projects. The shiny parts of my camera are painted black, and I will steal your private moments.

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    They Stare Strangers Down When They Make Eye Contact

    From a former Redditor

    I like to stare people down when we make eye contact. I'm not, like, bug-eyed creepy about it. I just look at them until they look away. Practice with cats first. They're the best at staring competitions. When you can successfully stare down a cat, you're ready for strangers.

    The funny part is, when I do this, I often have people tell me, "I'd never mess with you, you look like you can handle yourself." Nothing physically or visually has changed since then, I just don't stare people down as often.

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    They Pick Hair Off Strangers' Backs

    From Redditor /u/spermracewinner

    Picking off long hairs off the backs of strangers.

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    They Draw Sleeping Strangers And Leave The Art Behind

    From Redditor /u/HollowWaves:

    Whenever I'm on public transport and I see someone sleeping, I will draw a detailed drawing of them and place it on the seat next to them. 

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