Unspeakable Times

People Share The Craziest Blackmail Story They've Ever Heard (Or Experienced)

As people grew more and more comfortable with sharing their deepest darkest secrets online, it opens the door for more and more instances of blackmail. Awful blackmail stories, especially today, often happen over a person's computer, where email chains, private photographs, and personal information all become ammunition for a persistent blackmailer. Marriage-destroying secrets and sex-shaming photographs emerge as a common thread among the worst blackmail stories. Thankfully, not all of these outrageous blackmail stories take such a negative turn. For all the awful blackmail stories out there, there are also funny blackmail stories between siblings and friends that just show tough love takes on many different forms.

On Reddit where people recall times they got blackmailed, each of these stories usually involves a similar theme such as a scorned lover, but they all turn out mighty different from case to case. These outrageous blackmail stories, in addition to being wildly engrossing, remind you why it's always good to keep your receipts in order.