People On Twitter Are Sharing The Random Cartoon Characters They Have Felt Unreasonably Bad For

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Over on Twitter, people are sharing the sad sack cartoon characters that make them sort of sad. These are the animated  fumbler, bumbler, stumblers that are meant to be a comic relief, but honestly, we just feel bad for them. These are the Milhouses, the Schleprocks, the Ice Kings…every down on their luck, animated loser who for some reason, hits us in the heartstrings before the funny bone. Vote up sad sacks that make you a little weepy.  

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    1,113 VOTES

    The Little Shoe From 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'

    1,113 votes
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    1,014 VOTES

    Every Dog From The Pound In 'Lady And The Tramp'

    1,014 votes
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    812 VOTES

    Seymour From 'Futurama'

    812 votes
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    Bing Bong From 'Inside Out'

    Bing Bong From 'Inside Out'
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    929 votes
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    The Lovesick Squirrel From 'The Sword In The Stone'


    699 votes
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    Tom From 'Tom And Jerry'

    514 votes