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People Are Sharing The Coolest Dinosaur Facts They Know And It Is Mind Blowing

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Over on Reddit, folks are sharing awesome facts, cool details, and interesting tidbits about dinosaurs. From weird facts about fossils to recent discoveries about the Spinosaurus, here are a few fun facts about ancient dinos that blew our minds. 

  • Photo: Jurassic Park / Universal Pictures

    Tyrannosaurus Rex Could Not Roar

    Posted by u/jerrythecactus:

    Scientists have studied the nasal and throat structure of the Tyrannosaurus rex, and as it turns out, it was completely incapable of vocalizing roars like those seen in movies; rather, they would have made deep growling noises similar to alligators.

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    There Were Dinosaur Fossils When Dinosaurs Existed

    Posted by u/Clintman:

    [Dinosaurs] were around for longer than they've been extinct, which means that there were dinosaur fossils when dinosaurs existed.

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  • Photo: Fantasia / RKO Radio Pictures

    Tyrannosaurus Rex And Stegosaurus Were Not On Earth At The Same Time

    Posted by u/WorkSafeUSERname:

    Tyrannosaurus rex and Stegosaurus were evidently never on the planet together. [They were] separated by millions of years.

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    Ancient Ancestors Of Dinosaurs Are Still On Earth

    Posted by u/Linzerj:

    There's a weird bird in the Amazon called the hoatzin, and it's notable because the chicks have two claws on their wings.

    These allow the chicks to climb trees until their wings are strong enough for actual flight... These birds are the last surviving members of a bird line that branched off from other avian species 64 million years ago, just after the non-avian dinosaurs were wiped out.

    They're basically just really weird dinosaur birds that are very stinky and have gross tasting meat because they have a weird digestive tract.

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