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People Share The Cartoon Characters That Terrified Them As Children

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From the terrifying Mommy Fortuna from The Last Unicorn to the devastating design of Other Mother from Coraline, some animated features and properties should never have been aimed at kiddos.

Over on Reddit, people are sharing the cartoon characters that scared the bejesus out of them as a child... and perhaps longer. Here are a few of the animated horrors that continue to haunt the nightmares of folks long after childhood. Vote up the toons that you find terrifying. 

  • Posted by u/rafael-a:

    Coraline’s parallel mother, because she becomes a spider monster and rips people’s eyes off!

    Reply by u/Divine-Sea-Manatee:

    The children in the cinema were bawling their eyes out through the end of the film. Might as well have shown Friday the 13th.

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  • Posted by u/QueenAnnesRevenge2:

    Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit scared the cr*p out of me as a kid.

    Reply by u/ellen_boot:

    Judge Doom was honestly terrifying. He's one of the only cartoon villains I've ever seen who straight up kills somebody on screen.

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  • Posted by u/ItStillIsntLupus:

    The elephants from the hallucination scene on Dumbo. They were spooky as sh*t and the entire scene was very off putting. 

    Reply by u/Justanothr_redituser:

    I was so confused why Dumbo and the mouse saw those things, and didn't know that the bottle of wine was wine, I thought it was apple cider. Those hallucinations haunted me.

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  • 4

    The Coachman From 'Pinocchio'

    Posted by u/phantom_avenger:

    Basically every antagonist in Pinocchio! Including Stromboli, Monstro and especially the Coachman!

    The Coachman’s devil face gave me nightmares, and his whole scheme of kidnapping boys and having them turned into donkeys is scary sh*t!

    Response by u/Justanothr_redituser:

    What I learned from Pinocchio:

    * Don't be an a** or you will turn into a donkey

    * Don't go with creepy old men or they will make you perform in Vegas

    * Don't run away from your dad or he will be swallowed by an evil whale

    * You can die as a wooden puppet by drowning

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