21 People Share The Dumbest Ways They Almost Died, And It's Harrowing

Most people hope they'll leave this world in a dignified manner at the end of a long life. But it doesn't always work out that way, and sometimes lives get cut short due to dumb mistakes, minor accidents, easily avoidable situations, ridiculous coincidences, or other unexpected circumstances.

Such is the case with those who shared their stories below, all nearly meeting an early end for silly, or even downright stupid reasons. But luckily they all survived to tell their tales, so read on to see some of the dumbest ways people almost perished. Learn some life-saving lessons, and try not to get to paranoid about the little things in the meantime.

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    Multiple Mistakes Were Made

    From Redditor u/HardC*ckRick:

    When I was 28, I was visiting my mum and she had a pile of leaves in the yard. So for sh*ts and giggles, I jumped into the pile of leaves and soon discovered it was hiding a bear trap that my elderly mother had placed that morning to try and catch a skunk. Got 79 stitches and a broken arm that was almost amputated because of how bad the break was.

    This doubles as a PSA to only jump in leaf piles you have made yourself.

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    Their Life's On Thin Ice

    From Redditor u/bdx22:

    I walked into [the] back room freezer of a grocery store. The huge door was designed to close automatically. I knew this and went in and did what I was there to do. After 30 seconds, I couldn’t catch my breath. I thought maybe I was just working too hard, so I stopped and took several huge breaths, nothing. I felt like I was drowning out of water.

    I moved as quickly as I could back outside of the freezer and fell to my knees gasping when I got out. It was only afterwards that I realized, for some dumb reason, someone kept open dry ice in a cart inside of the freezer.

    Dry ice removes oxygen out of the air in enclosed spaces. I almost died from lack of oxygen and would have been an icicle when they found me.

    Don’t f*ck with dry ice.

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    She'd Rather Go To A Graveyard Than The Hospital

    From Redditor u/tiggipi:

    When I was a teenager, I developed a horrible, sharp pain in my lower abdomen that seemed to move from one area to another. I had no idea what it was, [and] my parents didn't know. My mom, who is very anti-doctor, anti-medicine, etc., eventually decided it was probably just gas pains and that it would eventually go away.

    Nearly a week later, I was still in pain, and it was getting much worse. Pain killers did nothing to help. My mom kept saying it was probably nothing. My brother eventually screamed at her to take me to the ER to get it looked at. She took me to my old pediatrician instead (lol.) and he, too, didn't know what was wrong but guessed at an ovarian cyst.

    He spent a long time trying to convince my mom to take me to the ER, and finally she agreed and off we went.

    I go in, get examined and x-rayed and whatnot. Then, all of a sudden I was getting rushed into surgery to get my appendix removed.

    My appendix had, long before then, developed a stone, and it had gotten gangrenous and slowly ruptured. I apparently didn't have the typical symptoms of appendicitis, so no one had guessed it was that.

    If my mom had waited much longer for my pain to magically vanish instead of getting over herself and just taking me to the hospital, I would have died.

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    Failed Trust Exercise

    From Redditor u/Majik_Sheff:

    I was helping my aunt with her clothes because the motor [on her washer] wouldn't start. So I have the access panel pulled from the base of the machine, and I'm flat on my stomach on the damp, concrete basement floor.

    Before I reach in to unhook some terminals, I ask my aunt, "Is it unplugged?"


    60hz muscle spasms carry me a few inches across the floor while flashes of light in my vision accompany a ringing in my ears I'll never forget.

    When I regain my senses and my composure, I ask her, "Are you SURE it's unplugged??!"

    "Oh, wait!"


    Never again will I trust someone else's lock-out.

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    "Sorry, Bro"

    From Redditor u/kdubbsd:

    Went to go visit a friend in Gloucester Mass in winter... I was planning on staying overnight at their house, but their mother, who I now know has mental health problems, wouldn’t even let me in the house because the father "wasn’t home" - working a night shift. The friend said, "Sorry, bro." and closed the door.

    I almost froze to death while waiting outside in 10-degree Fahrenheit weather that night. A cab driver saw me slumped over on a bench and woke me up. Let me get warm and [hang] around in the passenger seat while he picked up drunk people out on the town all night. When he finished his shift, he dropped me off at the train station and handed me seven bucks for the fare.

    Dude probably saved my life, and I can’t even remember his name.

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    Purposely Lying Down Under A Moving Car

    From Redditor u/old_man_gloom666:

    I used to have a jeep with a bad ignition switch, meaning the key wouldn’t start it when turned. I would have to turn the key to on and crawl under the truck with a screwdriver to jump the starter. One night I was leaving a buddy's place where we were all chilling out in the garage. Apparently, I had left the jeep in drive without knowing, which caused it to start moving forward as soon as it started it.

    The underside cut me up pretty bad, but the rear axle was what almost killed me. Thankfully, a buddy heard me screaming and came out to shut the jeep off just as the rear axle was pushing on the back of my head and folding me up.

    Also, I’m a mechanic. I should have just fixed the d*mn ignition switch.

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