People Share The Dark Stories Of Their Scariest Halloween Experiences

Halloween is all about getting scared, but it's always meant to happen in a fun, harmless way. People visit haunted mazes, watch horror movies, or try to prank their friends, all in the name of a little wholesome Halloween spookiness.

But those who share their stories below experienced far darker frights, from dangerous situations to inexplicably creepy encounters and more.

  • Trick Or Trap

    From Redditor u/heiaheia97:

    When I was maybe 9-ish, me and my friend (both female) went trick-or-treating in our area. Halloween wasn't that normal in my country yet, so we weren’t guaranteed candy, or for people to open the door at all. We knocked on a door to a house, and an elderly man opened. He said he didn’t know what Halloween was but to come inside while he looked for some candy, so my friend went in and I thought uhm, okay, I guess. Then he locked the door after us.

    We then got some of the stickiest, oldest peppermint candy ever, and he talked to us for a bit before letting us out. Thinking back, it was super creepy and potentially dangerous to walk into a stranger's home alone like that.

  • What Happened Next Door

    From Redditor u/msbrightsidedark:

    I have one from Halloween night in the early '80s. I was only a baby, but my parents lived next door to a couple and their two kids. The kids would often come knocking on the door in the middle of the night when their parents were fighting. My parents would let them spend the night to make them feel safe. Apparently, the man was really cruel...

    Well, Halloween night comes around, and the woman sent the kids to their grandparents' house for the night. Then she waited for her husband to fall asleep and proceeded to stab him around 40 times, making sure to kill him. My mother was a witness in court on the woman’s behalf, and she did not end up serving much jail time.

    Anyway, like 25 years later I'm talking to the people who live in the house now, and they ask if anything weird has ever happened there. I told them about the murder, and they were speechless. They said when they moved in, they had to have the place blessed due to strange activity. Can’t help but to think it was the husband.

  • Tragedy At The Haunted Hayride

    From Redditor u/Ihateunicorns:

    In my hometown, every year, we have this event during the weeks leading up to Halloween that involves haunted houses, carnival games, contests, etc., in an area of forest about two acres in size. So one of the main events [is] a haunted hayride, right? There was a section that we drove through full of "corpses," either dangling from trees or piled on top of each other on the ground, that would jump up and beg you to save them or the like. Creepy sh*t, scared the bejesus out of me every year (granted, I was like, 10).

    So this one year, there was one actor who made a particularly disturbing impression on his audiences, grasping at the ropes around his neck, struggling like a motherf*cker, choking as the car drove by. All good stuff. Anyway, an hour later or so when the carnival ended for the night... his co-workers realised he was dead. Something went wrong with the contraption keeping him suspended, and he hung himself. He didn't even pass instantly from breaking his neck, because there was no drop. Just slow, painful asphyxiation.

    I found out the next day. Completely. Traumatised.

  • The Face In The Window

    From Redditor u/Mourtius-Jaul:

    Last Halloween me and some friends decided we where going to go to [an] abandoned crematory just as something creepy to do for the holiday. So we showed up and started to figure out how [we were] going to get in. There was a white van next to the crematory, not too old, but very beat-up and rusty. As we walked past it, I clearly remember having the sh*t scared out of me because I saw what I remember as being a translucent rotting face staring back at me through the window.

    Soon after that, and deciding there wasn’t a good way in, we left to make our way back home. Later that night, one of my friends who was with me called, and he sounded scared out of his mind. He said he kept seeing things in his room and told me he saw something in the van window, as well. He even began sobbing, so I stayed on [the] call with him for awhile until deciding he would be fine.

    The next day, he said he was better and nothing else happened, but I will always distinctly remember what I saw in that van's window.

  • This Costume Is Too Realistic

    From Redditor u/avatas:

    I was asissting two other [police] officers last Halloween when they were finishing a traffic stop, and [they] saw a guy walk past with a fake head injury and blood caked on everywhere. Dude was just wandering toward the gas station, then turned around and walked off between some buildings.

    They almost didn't think anything of it, 'cause hey, it's Halloween, but they decided to check the area and found him passed out in a pool of blood... he'd been attacked earlier.

    We got him to the hospital, of course. I saw him the other week and he'd recovered pretty well.

  • Skin That's Too Skin-Like

    From Redditor u/Wolf_Craft:

    My mom was married to a detective for a few years when I was a teen. On Halloween one year, he got a call to an old lady's house from some screaming mother. The old woman had killed herself on her porch, and none of the neighbors had noticed. She was known to be an alcoholic and not maintain her property or acknowledge neighbors, so they thought her body was creepy decor.

    A teenage boy thought he'd have his friends take a picture of him and the "prop." He put his arms around the body. Said he thought the smell was coming from the inside of his costume mask until he realized the skin was too skinlike.