Graveyard Shift

People Who’ve Stayed Or Worked At Haunted Hotels Describe Strange Happenings

Creepy hotel incidents happen with such frequency that entire movies and TV series, from The Shining to American Horror Story, base their scares around haunted hotels.

With their vast size, long, empty hallways, and sometimes sordid histories, spooky hotels make for excellent sources of paranormal and creepy activity. Rattling doorknobs, unexplained noises, and unsettled guests appear frequently in scary stories from hotels, often overshadowing people's memories of vacation. After all, how can you recall your wonderful ski excursion when the room you stayed in scared you more than the steepest of slopes?

Even hotel workers get spooked by their places of employment, though most look like they've at least come to an understanding with their "permanent" guests. Honestly, many would rather deal with the occasional ghost than the gross stuff you leave in your hotel rooms.