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People Who’ve Stayed Or Worked At Haunted Hotels Describe Strange Happenings

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Creepy hotel incidents happen with such frequency that entire movies and TV series, from The Shining to American Horror Story, base their scares around haunted hotels.

With their vast size, long, empty hallways, and sometimes sordid histories, spooky hotels make for excellent sources of paranormal and creepy activity. Rattling doorknobs, unexplained noises, and unsettled guests appear frequently in scary stories from hotels, often overshadowing people's memories of vacation. After all, how can you recall your wonderful ski excursion when the room you stayed in scared you more than the steepest of slopes?

Even hotel workers get spooked by their places of employment, though most look like they've at least come to an understanding with their "permanent" guests. Honestly, many would rather deal with the occasional ghost than the gross stuff you leave in your hotel rooms.


  • A Party In The Bedroom (Not ~That~ Kind)

    From Sandbargirl:

    "Not me but a friend who is a pilot.

    "She stayed at an older hotel downtown Chicago and was studying for her recurrent class which was in a few weeks. While at the desk, deep in thought, she heard people talking and laughing. When she looked up, it got quiet. She said it sounded like it was in the room with her and went back to studying. The noise started off softly and then again sounded like a party was going on in her room. She got up and looked around and there was silence. There were no sounds coming from any rooms; no televisions on, no radios, no people in the hallway - the noise was definitely in her room. That night around 2 AM, she was in bed and felt someone brush strands of hair from her forehead and tuck it behind her ear. She jumped up and turned on the light and there was no one there. She didn't get back to sleep and bid around that overnight so she wouldn't be in that hotel again."

  • Don't Be Chicken

    From NejKidd:

    "I used to work at a 'haunted' hotel and camping ground. The place was built as an old-fashioned manor house and grounds, so it had this long winding drive, stables, summer house and various other assorted outhouses that Victorian Country Men needed.

    "Where they'd built the camp reception was in the bottom of the valley in this clearing. To one side was a pet cemetery of the old house's children. Spanning about three generations of the family, these people had some weird pets: a couple dogs, cats, a huge amount of chickens, ferrets, and a cow. They were all buried in this little patch of ground which the company decided to keep as it was because it was quaint.

    "Anyhow, the receptionists often had customers checking in asking 'What's with all the chickens running around? We nearly ran some over coming down the drive!' We were never allowed to tell them the chickens weren't actually there because management said we'd scare people away.

    "There were plenty other places on the site which were haunted, but that one always made me giggle."

  • Can't Spell 'Ghost' Without 'Host'

    From smittenkitten97:

    "I stayed at the Driskill in Austin, not knowing it was haunted until we got there. Apparently it's a big deal to ghost hunters and stuff though.

    "As we were leaving our room to check out, all the lights flickered in the hallway then went out. My boyfriend then remembered he'd forgotten one bag of luggage in the room.

    "That was it. No spooky ghosts, just ghosts reminding us to grab our carry on."

  • Special Of The Day: Ghosts

    From i_smoke_a_lot:

    "I was a server at a restaurant that used to be a hotel, does that count? It was said to be haunted by all kinds of things. My second day of training (and before I learned about the rumors), I saw a little girl about three or four-years-old pop her head out of a cupboard below the bar and look around. I turned my head toward her to tell her to get out of there, but - here comes the cliché - she was gone!

    "Once, I walked into the kitchen and two of my friends were standing in front of a pile of shattered glass, jaws dropped and faces pale. Dropping a glass in a restaurant happens daily; no one reacts like that. I asked what was wrong and they sort of babbled together that the glass threw itself off of the counter, and they watched it happen. I ain't seen that sh*t, so idk personally. But I trust those two and they're great friends, so I believe them."