People Reveal Their Hometown's Most Horrifying Urban Legend
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People Reveal Their Hometown's Most Horrifying Urban Legend

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Sometimes the scariest stories happen to be the ones closest to home: your local urban legends. Since it often turns out that a local myth is real, the scariest urban legends from people's hometowns pack just a little bit more of a punch. Furthermore, hometown myths only need one ominous-looking building or prison break to become local lore. Because of this, scary urban legends exist the world. Reddit users decided to share their scariest hometown legends, and the results range from the bizarre to the downright horrifying. 

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    The Pooping Tom

    From Redditor /u/ratchnad:

    Everyone jokes about the "man in the outhouse." Whenever you'd use those sketchy wooden outhouses at campgrounds or whatever, people would joke about being quick in there so he doesn't grab you. I was pretty young when I first heard of it and thought it was just a joke.

    Turns out it was based on a real man who got caught creeping in the pit of outhouses at a busy local campground. He'd sit in the muck for hours, masturbating, watching as women did their business on him. He got arrested when a woman shone a light down there and saw a guy staring up at her.

    Pretty f*cked up.

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    Careful Around That Bridge

    From Redditor /u/thevuu:

    Northern VA's Bunny Man Bridge. I've heard many different iterations of the story since I grew up here, but I'll tell you the most mythical and interesting one from my childhood.

    There is a very long and narrow underpass that sits below an old railroad. The underpass can barely fit a sedan car mirror-to-mirror and being inside it invokes feelings of unease and claustrophobia.

    Legend has it, sometime in the 1800s, that there was a prison transport bus that broke down near this bridge and had several inmates escape and only one, a serial killer, wasn't heard from for weeks. That is until a couple of pedestrians had noticed that rabbit bones littered the area around the underpass and upon entering the dark tunnel, they discovered skinned rabbits hanging from the arch of the underpass. Police, assuming that the prisoner was surviving off these rabbits, scouted the area for several weeks but he never came around.

    After a year had gone by and the police had long given up the search and moved on, people had been reported missing. A couple who had heard of escapee went to check out the old news. To their misfortune, they found the missing people... hanging upside down, skinned and bled dry just like the rabbits. They shrieked in horror and behind the bodies, they saw at end of the tunnel stood a silhouette of a man with a bunny suit on with an axe in-hand. They sprinted away, with pitter patter of the 'silhouette' close behind them. They however, managed to escape and immediately reported this to the police who again, never could find him.

    "To this day no trace of him has been found and if you walk the Bunny Man Bridge, you can hear him scurrying above you on the foliage that surrounds the railroad.

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    Terrifying Tuxedo Junction

    From Redditor /u/theklustykrab:

    There's a road in my town that passes a reservoir and police are never on it. Naturally teens, and adults speed on this road all the time. Sometimes late at night an older man walks on the side of the road wearing a teal blue tuxedo... No one knows where he is from or what he does or why he is out there wearing a tux.

    Several people told me about this guy, and I didn't believe them. Many years later my family moved to a house on this road, so there were many times I drove along it at night. One night, at around 2 am, I was driving home from a concert, and I saw someone pop out in the middle of the road. I slammed on my breaks and almost hit the guy. It was the old man wearing the blue tux. He just stood there motionless, staring at me. I swore to God he was gonna murder me but he just kept standing there and wouldn't move. Eventually I backed up and went around him and thought it was just a dream.

    Over the next couple months I saw this guy on the road at night on several occasions. Still don't know what his story is but him staring at me that one time still haunts me.

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    Bad News If You're A Man In Manchester

    From Redditor /u/MadAL96:

    I'm from Manchester, UK, and there's the growing belief we have a serial killer, nicknamed quite poorly "The Pusher." An alarming amount of young men have gone missing after nights out, gigs, events, etc. Their bodies end up being found in various canals and waterways, and people believe they were being attacked and pushed in. Now these deaths could easily be explained as accidental and/or unrelated, which is why it's just an urban legend, but in some of the cases it gets quite creepy. In one case CCTV captured the victim walking with an unidentified man shortly before going missing, while another victim was heard screaming and shouting in his last phone call. Both of these cases were ruled as accidental, and as with many the cause of death was unknown, even the parents suspect foul play. Recently a man was pushed in while riding his bike home from work, and as he tried to climb out he was repeatedly forced under by the assailant who eventually fled. As Manchester is quite a big place, it's possible for these cases to be isolated incidences, but it also means a crime like this would be rather easy to get away with repeatedly.

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    A Nice House For Sale

    From Redditor /u/ProLipton:

    There's a house along a busier street of town near the school. It is a considerably nicer home than the other houses along the street. However the house seems to go up for sale every few months. The legend was that the house is haunted by the first owners, who were killed by their butler. When the kids came home from school, they found the butler hanging from the ceiling of the kitchen. I still drive past this house occasionally, and it is up for sale 30% of the time.

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    The Legend Of Big Liz

    From Redditor /u/BCA1:

    Go out into the marsh at night in Dorchester County, MD, and flash your lights three times. A large decapitated woman may appear out of the water.

    The story is this: sometime during the Civil War, a wealthy plantation owner was at risk of losing his fortune. He took one of his slaves, Big Liz, out into the swamp to bury his gold. Once the hole had been dug, he hit her in the back of the head with a shovel, decapitated her, and buried her on top of the chest.

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