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People Reveal Their Hometown's Most Horrifying Urban Legend  

Mick Jacobs
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Sometimes the scariest stories happen to be the ones closest to home: your local urban legends. Since it often turns out that a local myth is real, the scariest urban legends from people's hometowns pack just a little bit more of a punch. Furthermore, hometown myths only need one ominous-looking building or prison break to become local lore. Because of this, scary urban legends exist the world. Reddit users decided to share their scariest hometown legends, and the results range from the bizarre to the downright horrifying. 

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The Legend Of Big Liz

From Redditor /u/BCA1:

Go out into the marsh at night in Dorchester County, MD, and flash your lights three times. A large decapitated woman may appear out of the water.

The story is this: sometime during the Civil War, a wealthy plantation owner was at risk of losing his fortune. He took one of his slaves, Big Liz, out into the swamp to bury his gold. Once the hole had been dug, he hit her in the back of the head with a shovel, decapitated her, and buried her on top of the chest.

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A Nice House For Sale

From Redditor /u/ProLipton:

There's a house along a busier street of town near the school. It is a considerably nicer home than the other houses along the street. However the house seems to go up for sale every few months. The legend was that the house is haunted by the first owners, who were killed by their butler. When the kids came home from school, they found the butler hanging from the ceiling of the kitchen. I still drive past this house occasionally, and it is up for sale 30% of the time.

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The One Who Whistles

From Redditor /u/doombot813:

I grew up in the '80s and '90s in a small town in the desert. This older guy (must have been in his 60s at the time) rode his bike everywhere around town.

The legend of Whistling Benny was passed down from child to child. According to the legend, Whistling Benny's whole family was killed after a bomb was dropped on his house when he was a kid. It would have been after WWII and would have been from one of the nearby airbases.

Well, the accident drove him crazy, and if you ever whistled within earshot of him (a whistle that sounds similar to a falling bomb) he would chase you down and beat the sh*t out of you/kill you.

Scary shit for an eight year old.

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The Wares In The Woods

From Redditor /u/kingofthebins:

We have an entire town-wide lore surrounding this massive, creepy-ass forest called Rugar Woods on the edge of town. It's the most obviously haunted place on earth, full of abandoned factories, warehouses, weirdly placed infrastructure.

One of the most peculiar things about it is that there are random items everywhere: TVs, bicycles, clothes, even cars and tractors, just laying about in the forest. It honestly feels like loot in a video game.

It's said that if you want something, you will find it in Rugar Woods - provided that you are willing to look for it. As far as I can tell, the conjecture is true. Whenever I've looked for something practical in Rugar Woods, I've found it. There was one time I needed a new computer monitor, so I went hunting in Rugar Woods and had one within the next hour. Another time, I needed a space heater. Found it by nightfall in the woods.

I've heard of other people finding way more crazy sh*t, like functioning refrigerators and decently nice furniture. It wouldn't even be notable if the items were on the edge of the woods, because then we could assume that they were just dumped. But the fact that they are found deep within the woods at random locations makes it seem like something supernatural is at work.

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