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People Share The Hair-Raising, Heartbreaking, And Wholesome Last Words They've Heard From Loved Ones

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Most people hope that their last words on this earth will be clever, memorable, or meaningful in some way, whether they come in the form of a joke with friends or some comforting thoughts for those who will carry on. Of course, we don't all get to choose our last words, but here are some of the more poignant final phrases people have heard from those close to them who have passed.

From wholesome to heartbreaking, these final words may even help you cope with your own loss by hearing the experiences of others. Regardless, it's always fascinating to hear someone's last thoughts before they leave the world.

  • Bounty Of Love

    From Redditor u/Hrekires:

    The last words I had with my late husband before he went in for surgery:

    Me: "Love you"

    Him: "Love you more"

  • Secrets To The Grave

    From Redditor u/Stitch-point:

    "So many secrets." My grandfather on his deathbed. Last words he ever said. I was the only one to hear him say it and have been afraid to ask anyone what he could have meant.

  • Dignity In Death

    From Redditor u/sayingnothingatall:

    “I want to live. I don’t want to be fed and watered and turned to the sun like some kind of plant.”

    ...He was going in for brain surgery and the outcome was questionable. Him saying that made it a lot more possible for me to consent to withdrawing life support when it became necessary.

  • Little Baby Legacy

    From Redditor u/csobsidian:

    My best friend: "It was great to see you! Can't wait to hang out with you again soon!"

    He passed a few weeks later in a snowmobile [mishap] before we could make time to get together.

    After he passed, I decided that if I ever had a son I would give him my friend's middle name... Fast-forward 10 years, and my wife was pregnant with our first son. When she was having trouble detecting his movement, we went to the hospital, and she was given an emergency C-section. We didn't realize it until later but [he] was born 10 years to the day that my friend passed... and released from the NICU eight days later, on what would have been my friend's birthday.