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People Reveal The Dark Secrets That Could Destroy Their Marriages

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Pretty much everyone hides something. Whether they're scary family secrets or run-of-the-mill white lies, dishonesty goes hand-in-hand with being human. Husbands and wives can often find it difficult to be completely honest, but there are some people that go a step further with dark secrets that could destroy marriages. These shocking secrets could ruin relationships and split families apart, so those involved have kept quiet - that is, until they have the urge to confess anonymously online.

Reddit has become the go-to place for people to share their most insane secrets. Safe in the knowledge that they can’t be easily traced, members use the site to confess real stories of marriage-ending secrets. It's not always easy to understand why people reveal secrets that might lead to divorce. Maybe they're trying to work through guilt, or perhaps they just have to tell someone. Either way, these bombshell revelations make for some unsettling, but fascinating, reading.

  • The Deacon Who's An Atheist

    From secretthrowaway2399:

    "I'm an atheist. I'm also a deacon in an evangelical church. I'm not exactly proud of it but I try do my part to convince people to live like Jesus because even if he wasn't god, he certainly had some good ideas about loving other people.

    The problem for me is my family. I'm married with a one kid and another on the way. I believe that such a revelation would be devastating for my wife. I've tried to tell her in subtle ways but I can't bring myself to just come out and say the truth. I love my wife and I don't wish to harm her emotionally in that way."

  • A Gay Man Who Married A Woman


    "I am a gay man married to a woman who has no idea I am gay.

    How is my life? It's great. It's pleasant. I have two beautiful children who I love more than anything. I have a successful job and a lovely home. My wife is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. So that is my life.

    Myself, however, the way I feel inside is not so good. I feel disgusted with who I am. Growing up in a Catholic household had me living in fear of being banished by my family for revealing my sexuality. That's not something I'm afraid will happen, that is something that is a well known fact in my family. I would love more than anything to be honest to everyone. I am a coward though...

    As ridiculous as it sounds I thought that getting married and settling down etc would make these feelings I had about being gay go away. Before meeting her I was constantly struggling with the fact that I might be gay. My upbringing made me believe that being gay was wrong and so I always tried to convince myself that that's not who I was. For awhile it worked. I think I wanted so bad to be straight that I just made myself believe I was. I got married to my wife at 23 and for a short time after our wedding I was relieved. I thought 'Yes, I knew it. I knew I just had to find someone who would clear all this up for me!' That just came crashing down. We started having sex more to try and get pregnant and that caused me realise [sic] that I am a gay man. I'm not remaining in the closet because I'm too scared of my wife's reaction. In fact she would probably be the most forgiving. I have decided not to come out because of my family. I'm not exaggerating when I say that they will disown me. They wouldn't think twice about it. I wouldn't be happy. I would be lost. Now that I have children that just scares me even more. I wouldn't ser [sic] them much at all and that's not an option for me... There are many things I wish I had done differently but I do not regret any of my choices because they've all led me to where I am today. My son and daughter are these amazing little people. I live in a great house with a loving and sweet little family. Our marriage (sham marriage as some people have pointed out) is a good one despite my sexuality. Our marriage is healthier than some that I know about and hear about. I have accepted that I may never come out and I've learnt to be okay with that. I will consider going to therapy too. This is the most I have ever talked about it. Up until now I have not told a soul and so I have really swept everything under the rug. It is amazing what you can block out if you really try."

  • Tricking A Friend Into Becoming A Wife

    From ThrownAway2389:

    "I once helped out my a female friend's family by taking care of their cat for a week. Every day for a week, I would go over there and snoop around their house. I found my friend's diary, and proceeded to read the entire thing.

    I used this information to get her to like me, and she is currently my wife."

  • The Wife Who Cheats With Her Female Best Friend

    From Redditor GreySeaTac:

    "I have lesbian sex with my best friend about once a month. Neither of us say anything to our husbands. We drink a good bottle of wine, get tipsy, get nasty, and fall asleep. When we wake up, we laugh, kiss, and go about our lives."