Shocking Behavior

People Reveal The Dark Secrets That Could Destroy Their Marriages

Pretty much everyone hides something. Whether they're scary family secrets or run-of-the-mill white lies, dishonesty goes hand-in-hand with being human. Husbands and wives can often find it difficult to be completely honest, but there are some people that go a step further with dark secrets that could destroy marriages. These shocking secrets could ruin relationships and split families apart, so those involved have kept quiet - that is, until they have the urge to confess anonymously online.

Reddit has become the go-to place for people to share their most insane secrets. Safe in the knowledge that they can’t be easily traced, members use the site to confess real stories of marriage-ending secrets. It's not always easy to understand why people reveal secrets that might lead to divorce. Maybe they're trying to work through guilt, or perhaps they just have to tell someone. Either way, these bombshell revelations make for some unsettling, but fascinating, reading.