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People Reveal The Dark Secrets That Could Destroy Their Marriages

Pretty much everyone hides something. Whether they're scary family secrets or run-of-the-mill white lies, dishonesty goes hand-in-hand with being human. Husbands and wives can often find it difficult to be completely honest, but there are some people that go a step further with dark secrets that could destroy marriages. These shocking secrets could ruin relationships and split families apart, so those involved have kept quiet - that is, until they have the urge to confess anonymously online.

Reddit has become the go-to place for people to share their most insane secrets. Safe in the knowledge that they can’t be easily traced, members use the site to confess real stories of marriage-ending secrets. It's not always easy to understand why people reveal secrets that might lead to divorce. Maybe they're trying to work through guilt, or perhaps they just have to tell someone. Either way, these bombshell revelations make for some unsettling, but fascinating, reading.

  • First Comes Blackmail, Then Comes Marriage

    From F*ckingjeffover:

    "Years ago my gf (we'll call deb) and I were out with her friend (we'll call Sara). This one day Sara had to pin unlock her phone each time to take one of many pictures....out the corner of my eye I saw her pin. I saved it in a note. Months later sara and deb were at my place and went to the pool. Sara left her phone indoors. I used her password and hit jackpot. Nudes, videos, message logs with some guy she was talking (well call jeff) to, along with tons of dick picks and videos of him jacking off...

    With this goldmine of pics and vids I concocted a slow plan.....very slow. Slowly I broke off with deb but kept in touch with sara. I then created a alter ego online (we'll call it Vanessa). For months I worked this identity so it looked real. This identity started following Sara on all social media (Sara accepted any friend requests). Vanessa blackmailed jeff. Jeff was given 2 days to stop talking to sara or his dick picks got leaked. He was chicken sh*t and dropped her like a hot potato. But Sara was strong willed...when Vanessa threatened sara to stop talking to jeff or her pics get leaked she protested...so I knew I had to change tactics. Vanessa disappeared for a while until I could get Sara's phone in my hands for a bit. One day sara was over and 'lost' her phone at my place. I 'found' it for her the next day.... Not before I installed a spy app that let me keep track of her everything. A few weeks later Vanessa came back but now armed with the conversations sara was having with everyone. While tracking Sara's reactions and suspicions, I made it show that Vanessa wasnt real....

    Now all my friends know me as being pretty tech literate. One day im talking with Sara and she breaks down crying telling me how she been long distance sexting this guy and somebody hacked his or her phone and now shes being blackmailed by some stranger she doesn't know. So she askes me if I could help her. Long ending short I made it look like jeff was Vanessa. I made it look like he created this person so that he could blackmail Sara into f*cked up sex stuff. Sara left him and guess who was the hero? Me. I caught 'Vanessa.' Sara was now safe because of me. Once we blackmailed the guy, 'Vanessa' disappeared... You know...for realism. Sara and I now had this tragedy...this hurdle that we overcame together. We started dating not long after. She was never going back to long distance relationships and wanted to try local....4 years later were married."

  • Sleeping With His Stepsister

    From Beezleblops:

    "My father never had anything other than boys, and my mother always wanted a girl. Try as they might, they just had tons of boys. When I was 6 they adopted a girl of also 6. Everyone was pleased, and she was quickly included into the family by everyone and we all took an immediate shine to her. Especially me.

    We started playing 'doctor' at 9. This progressed to fooling around by our early teens, and into actual sex shortly thereafter. We're both over 30 now. We have sex whenever we see each other. We also like to pretend we are twins when we do have sex. We've both had our shares of girlfriends and boyfriends, but we always kept it up even while in those relationships. She's actually married now.

    We still have sex about 2 times a month, more when the family gets together for holidays. I can't even imagine the bricks that would be sh*t if anyone ever found out. It's been close a few times, especially when we were younger, but nobody's ever caught on."

  • Some Unusual Preferences

    From a divorce lawyer who goes by TheLadyInReddit:

    "Client is an elderly gentleman, some type of retired professional. His son is a pastor. Everything about his situation seemed very normal in terms of income, property, etc. However, it turns out he had a pretty serious porn hobby and he was concerned his wife might find out and use it against him in the divorce. However, as I mentioned above, I assured him that was pretty run-of-the-mill these days and unlikely to affect anything. He then asks if I feel the same knowing the porn is not 'mainstream.'

    I asked what he means and he looks very nervous. I wanted to make sure he wasn't referencing CP, so I pushed him on it.

    The guy was into goats."

  • The Diamond Switch

    From Scrappy_Larue:

    "My friend inherited a beautiful diamond engagement ring. The stone was worth $20K. His fiance was thrilled to receive it and flaunt it. Now his wife of 25 years, it's still one of her most precious possessions.

    Only I (and you 4 million) know that she does not own the original diamond. My friend sold the stone for $15K and an equal sized, substitute diamond on the day he picked it up from being sized to fit her...

    The value of the ring was learned at appraisal, and was actually appraised a bit higher. The $20K was the number he knew he could get from a wholesaler in the district. It is still insured for the higher amount. The stone that was substituted is a diamond - and I couldn't tell the difference. The money was mostly used to clear debts."