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Wonderfully Wholesome Stories That Prove Horror Icons Are The Nicest People In The Biz

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They might play mass-murdering fiends or demons from another dimension on the screen, but in real life, many of those movie monsters, scream queens, and masked maniacs are true gentleman and lovely ladies. These horror icons might haunt teen dreams or chase kids around with a chainsaw, but when it comes to fans, they go the extra mile

Horror fans share their stories about meeting their heroes, and for these folks, they didn't disappoint. Here are a few stories about happy fan encounters with their favorite horror stars. 

  • Photo: Candyman / TriStar Pictures

    Posted by u/Happyhaunt13:

    He is awesome. I met him at a convention in October and before I said anything he looked me in the eyes and said, “You're going to be a great filmmaker." 

    I was confused about how he knew this fact about me, so I asked how he knew I wanted to be a filmmaker, he said, “Just the way you view the world." 

    So that’s the story of how I met the incredibly nice -- and possibly psychic -- Tony Todd.

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  • Photo: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre / Bryanston Distributing Company

    Posted by u/titania86:

    I met him at a Fangoria convention and he shared many stories about filming The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with my boyfriend and I even while the line behind us stacked up. He spent lots of time with each fan and was a big sweetheart.

    Posted by u/Bobby_Fingers:

    I ended up meeting Gunnar Hansen many years ago at one of my local horror/metal record stores, just after the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake had come out...

    Such a great guy, signed everything we had and we all got pictures taken with him before we left. Nothing but smiles from him. I really wish I knew what happened to the one of me and him, but I hope my other two friends have theirs. But... I still have my DVD copy of Texas Chainsaw Massacre that he signed for me!

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  • Posted by u/iken1976:

    I really have no memory of this, but...

    When I was five years old (spring 1981) my family was on vacation in Colorado. We were at a Budget car rental office in Denver while they were shooting a commercial. Apparently, I walked right up to the nice young actress girl and asked her to help me open my box of animal crackers.

    Anyway, two or three years later my parents (never horror fans) see an Eddie Murphy comedy called Trading Places and say, "Hey! That's the girl from the car place that was so nice to Baby Kevin."

    I took me like another 10 years to figure out I asked Jamie Leigh Curtis to open my Animal Crackers.

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  • Posted by u/whoisjohncleland:

    Clive Barker (my personal favorite). I mentioned to him that Thief of Always was my daughter's favorite book (she was 10 at the time). He seemed really touched and drew an original piece of art in the battered paperback I presented to him. I'll never forget that.

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