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Wonderfully Wholesome Stories That Prove Horror Icons Are The Nicest People In The Biz

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They might play mass-murdering fiends or demons from another dimension on the screen, but in real life, many of those movie monsters, scream queens, and masked maniacs are true gentleman and lovely ladies. These horror icons might haunt teen dreams or chase kids around with a chainsaw, but when it comes to fans, they go the extra mile

Horror fans share their stories about meeting their heroes, and for these folks, they didn't disappoint. Here are a few stories about happy fan encounters with their favorite horror stars. 

  • Photo: Friday the 13th / Paramount Pictures

    Posted by a Redditor:

    The fan involvement is a huge part of why he's still so popular. He's that guy that does every show. Seriously. He's on the road more than home for conventions most years, and almost always has a long line. I'm not the hugest Friday the 13th fan, but I love Kane. He's a great guy who goes out of his way for most of his fans.

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  • Photo: nicolas genin/Andibrunt / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 2.0

    Posted by u/TheJBeans:

    George Romero was amazing to meet. The kindest person in the entire world. He would invite us to sit with him and talk about anything and everything like we knew him a life time.

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  • Posted by u/Videowulff:

    I met him was at Mad Monster. He absolutely refuses to dress up for photo ops because he says, "The stupidest thing to have Pinhead standing in an empty room with fans."

    So he pitched an idea: To make a replica of the attic from the first movie with a working Puzzle box and everything.

    The experience was phenomenal! He said he is planning to work with Mad Monster to do it more often because "It is what we owe the fans."

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  • Photo: Aliens / 20th Century Fox

    Posted by u/Dead_Skin:

    Lance Henriksen bumped into me getting out of an elevator. I let slip a "Oh, sh*t" when I realized who it was. He was drunk as hell. He stopped and looked at me and my friend, gave us a thumbs up and said "Kick a**, boys."

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