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Wonderfully Wholesome Stories That Prove Horror Icons Are The Nicest People In The Biz

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They might play mass-murdering fiends or demons from another dimension on the screen, but in real life, many of those movie monsters, scream queens, and masked maniacs are true gentleman and lovely ladies. These horror icons might haunt teen dreams or chase kids around with a chainsaw, but when it comes to fans, they go the extra mile

Horror fans share their stories about meeting their heroes, and for these folks, they didn't disappoint. Here are a few stories about happy fan encounters with their favorite horror stars. 

  • Photo: A Nightmare On Elm Street / New Line Cinema

    Posted by u/FriendLee93:

    Nicest dude in the world. My friends and I stood in line for 3+ hours to meet him. We were wondering why it was taking so long and then we finally got inside and realize that he was taking time to speak to every single person who he greeted.

    I had a good 5-minute conversation with him where we talked about my cousin (my cousin is Jack Sholder, the director of Nightmare On Elm Street 2) and how he introduced him to a bunch of great restaurants in NYC and California.

    Posted by u/Videowulff:

    Robert has the most charisma I have ever seen. The man just captivates his audience and loves telling stories of his career and working with others. He is very friendly and is always happy to give hugs and spend time with fans.

    One girl at a Q&A asked if he could say,"You are all my children." He got all psyched up and did it in his best Freddy voice. The audience went nuts and he shocked her by having her come up on stage for a hug. She was blown away!

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  • Photo: Maximum Overdrive / De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

    Posted by u/ScaryKerry91476:

    I flew my father up from Florida because I got tickets to see him in Manhattan. My father is a huge fan and raised me to be as well. After we saw him and his son [Joe Hill] speak, we were waiting outside around the corner for our ride, we were all excited to have been able to be in the same room as him and hear him read an excerpt of his book.

    As we were standing there babbling about how awesome the whole experience was, a door opened right near us. In our excitement we weren't paying attention to who was coming out and my dad said "that was the most incredible experience of my life, I can die a happy man now and its all because I have the best daughter."

    I was about to say something when the person walking out stopped and asked us where we had just come from. It was him! My father explained how he came to be there and how meeting THE Stephen King was our lifelong dream and just talking uncontrollably.

    I was speechless until he shook my father's hand and gave me a hug. He thanked us for being loyal fans and just made my father's wish come true in every way. He actually stood and made small talk with us for a few minutes even though his car was waiting, and so did his son.

    He was amazing. So friendly and down to earth. Like talking to an old friend. He signed our books, then when he was leaving, hugged us both and told my father that the best legacy a parent can leave behind is a child who can carry on their interests after they're gone.

    It was wonderful. He was amazing and my father will cherish that night for the rest of his life, as will I.

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  • Photo: Pan's Labryinth / Picturehouse

    Posted by u/SpecterM91:

    Doug was the first celebrity I ever met and it was at the first convention I went to, so I was nervous.

    I went with my best friend and he deals with anxiety, so cons are rough for him, but Jones is probably his favorite actor, so he braved it. We talked to him and joked around a bit, talked about him playing the Operator since we were into Marble Hornets at the time and the movie wasn't out yet.

    He finally says bye to us and gets up to give us a hug and my buddy backs off and starts stuttering and says something like, "I've been real anxious and sweaty, I don't wanna ruin your suit."

    Doug laughs and gets this big goofy smile, he says "Never change" and grabs hugs the sh*t out if him anyway. Was so sweet, I wish I'd have had a phone at the time to record the whole thing on.

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  • Photo: The Walking Dead / AMC

    Posted by u/ThatDamnRocketRacoon:

    The nicest person, by far, that I ever met at a convention was Norman Reedus.

    This was at the height of Darryl-Mania and his line had at least five times the amount of any other celeb. Yet, he took his time with everyone who got their picture with them, chatting to them a bit, posing for pics like you would with your real friends and making everyone feel like he was that one that was honored to be taking a picture with you. None of it felt forced or phony.

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