People Share The Freakiest Paranormal Experiences They've Had On Halloween

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Halloween season is the spookiest time of the year, and during the cooling fall months, many people are just a little more open to the idea of haunting hijinks, spectral sightings, and all sorts of otherworldly antics. So here are of some of the creepy, strange, and downright unexplainable experiences people have had on and around this infamous holiday.

From ghosts to cryptids to demons, there's something for everybody. Take a look if you dare, and don't forget to vote up your favorite Halloween ghost stories.

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    Don't Shoot

    From Redditor u/fang_rot:

    So around about 2013, my senior year of high school, my mom, brother, and two friends planned a Halloween ghost hunt-type deal. We headed out to this park that was notoriously haunted. We even made sure to go at 3am to get maximum results... Here, my brother decides to sit on the end of the pier on the lake and do some recordings, and he ends up getting the clearest, creepiest EVP I've ever heard in my life.

    About two minutes in, he asks a question, it goes quiet, and you can clearly hear a man's voice yelling out "DON'T SHOOT!" Followed by a few seconds of silence and then [an] agonized groan. None of us heard this until we played it back in the car.

    I remember shivers running down my spine, and I started crying because I was so freaked out. I still have the recording, but I only ever show it to people I trust. That wasn't the only strange thing that happened that night, but it was by far the one that sticks with us all the most. My brother has only listened to it that one time in the car afterwards. He refuses to listen to it again.

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    The Girl In The Lake

    From a former Redditor:

    A few years ago, my sister and I were walking back from trick-or-treating across town. To set the scene: It was a small, historic town with lots of old homes, churches, graveyards, and wrought iron, so even the houses that don't go all out look like sets for a horror movie on Halloween.

    We decided to... walk along the creek on the railroad tracks. It's a lot quicker than walking the road back to our house from the center of town. It was around 10pm and a light fog was setting in. As we were getting close to our property, we heard some splashing in the creek. I turned around because I thought my sister was being stupid and had jumped in. I was about to say something, but I realized she was still right beside me. What caused the splashing? Must have been a big animal. I was going to tease her and say something about seeing a bear or a wolf, but she seemed genuinely scared, so I just grabbed her hand and kept walking. Still about 15 minutes from our property.

    We heard splashing again, closer than before, and both spun around. This time, it was clear exactly what was making the noise. There was a young girl wearing a dirty, frilly dress [and] playing around in the water. Just sort of splashing it with her hands, wading in the creek. She looked in our direction, but it was like she was in her own world, oblivious.

    It scared the hell out of me... and [I] jogged the rest of the way home with my sister. Needless to say, every light in the house was on that night. Our parents didn't believe us and thought it was a prank. But we know what we saw... Funny thing is, I didn't find out till I visited a town historical society meeting last year: There used to be a grist mill on that creek... and the owner's young daughter drowned in the mill pond... in October of '84.

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    Working The Night Shift

    From Redditor u/mxmnull:

    I work nights at a hotel. It was my first overnight shift on Halloween. It was about 3am... when I spotted a man in the kitchen. He was a little over 6 feet tall, and he was wearing an olive green windbreaker. We stayed motionless for a long moment, just watching each other, before suddenly he lifted both legs at the knees and floated out the goddamn door.

    I didn't initially think I'd seen a ghost... I ran into the back hallway looking for him and spent about two minutes searching every room back there. Never found anyone. It was dead silent. I returned to the desk p*ssed off that this dude had gotten away, and it took me a good five more minutes to accept I'd seen him float and that people don't do that.

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    Camping On The Spookiest Night Of The Year

    From Redditor u/Solo-Hobo:

    I went camping with friends on [an] island down near La Crosse, Wisconsin. Typical fire, drinking, some fireworks, and cooking food on the fire. It gets late, and someone in the group brought a Ouija board. Never paid those things any attention, but we're on an island drinking, so I’m sitting there watching as some of the girls move it around or it moves itself. They are asking it questions... The typical "If you're here, let us know."

    Then off in the woods, I hear a hello. I thought it was my imagination, but then my buddy sees me looking at the tree line and says, "You heard it, too?"

    I said, "What did you hear?" 

    "Someone just said hello."

    "That’s what I heard, it came from the trees."

    We shine a few lights but don’t see anything. Everyone is pretty drunk and a little freaked out. We continue sitting by the fire but we are running out of wood, so couple of us go into the woods to look for branches or a dead tree. As we gather wood, I’m shining my light and it falls on a grave. Not a grave yard, just a single grave on this random island we picked to camp on. It [looked] very old and [was] pretty much in line with where I was sitting by the fire. It was really weird... and we all heard that voice.

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    Don't Let It In

    From Redditor u/Silencevoice21:

    The night before Halloween, my roommates and I were in bed, and everyone was asleep except for me... I had woken up around 2am (which would make it Halloween day) feeling uneasy and a little creeped out. I kept telling myself to shut up and that I was freaking myself out, until the door knob started shaking like someone was trying desperately to get in... the door was just off to the left of a window, so I know no one was standing at the door because I would have seen their shadow cast on that window.

    All I could do was lay and stare at the door while this was happening for a solid 2-3 minutes... I tried to listen for voices, and stared intensely at the window to see if I could catch someone's movement outside, but I was too scared to actually get up and peak through the blinds. After it stopped... I said out loud “F*ck this! I'm done with this sh*t! Gooodnight!” and closed my eyes to go to sleep. Then I heard a voice in my ear say, “Night.”

    I immediately opened my eyes and lay frozen for a hot minute, before proceeding to get on YouTube to watch happy videos while listening to our desk chairs creak, as if someone was leaning back in them.

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    A Glow In The Woods

    From Redditor u/W3lcomeToWonderland:

    So on Halloween 10 years ago, three of us decided it would be scary to walk through the "woods" nearby where I lived. I knew my way around well, as I had grown up going there.

    We were walking along chatting when, by a hollowed-out tree, I saw a yellowish glow. I stopped where I was and just stared at this glow as it got brighter, and my friends did, too. We all glanced at each other with a "WTF" look on our faces. I'm literally thinking I'm imagining things... but they both confirmed they were seeing the same thing. In the glow, a young girl appeared [who] looked to be about 8 years old... [She] started off looking quite washed out in color and kinda transparent. Then she became more of a solid-looking shape, and the glow got brighter. 

    I went from feeling normal and in disbelief to feeling uneasy, then fear and dread, then finally like we needed to get out of there and that our lives were possibly in danger. I grabbed my friends' hands and started pulling them down the steep hill, as the main road was at the bottom of it...We stood at the bottom of the hill by the main road looking at it for about 30 minutes, maybe longer. Eventually it was gone, and I just saw a slight glow in the distance, then nothing.

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