22 Times People Maybe Actually Probably Encountered A Ghost

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I'll start by saying this: Ghosts aren't real (right?). I can confidently say that they probably, most likely are not real, I hope. If you're like me and on the fence about the ghosts and what their deal is, check out these stories from the subreddit r/ghosts.

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    Peace (And No Ghosts) Be With You

    From Redditor u/marlenacats:

    Me and my fiancé recently moved into our first place together. Its a very nice quitet townhome. Right across from senior assisted living. We have 2 empty rooms. One of them is painted blue and we get a normal vibe from that one. The sun shines through the window and is very bright. It feels good. (Keep in mind, the windows from both rooms are both facing the same direction right next to each other) next, there is a yellow room. We cant stand to be in there. Opened the window. It was still dark. Feels like somwones watching. Theres even a weird mirror in there. Its also facing the assisted living community. NOW, for the action.

    One night. We start talking about how creepy the room is. And that we think its haunted. Blah blah blah. Then. We get this terrifying awful feeling along with chills. Litteral goosebumps. So... I did the only thing I knew to do growing up in a religious home. I tried to cast it out in the name of jesus. That must have upset this thing because ONE it was like I almost couldnt speak. And TWO. The chills and bad feeling intensified by 50 times! Next. We hear a loud noise. When we check. All the doors in the house were open. (They werent before because we shut everything and turned all the lights out beforw going to bed. So we try and pray (we arent very religious at all so thats not normal for us) and read a bible. Feel a lot better. But call a friend to talk about the encounter because we felt more chills. we hear ANOTHER noise. Go to check. Doors are open again after we shut everything for the SECOND TIME. But this time along with the open doors. Were open cabinets in our kitchen. 

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    Shirtless Man

    From Redditor u/jessforless_:

    I’ll be honest. I have never been one that believes in ghosts. I always thought it was silly and when people told me of paranormal experiences I was always just like “yeah okay sure”. Until recently. I moved in with my grandmother in a new house together. The house has been around since the 60s but was updated to look newer. Things were great. But then about 2 months after we moved in I saw something. In the doorway that leads to the back wing of the house, back where my bedroom is, I saw a man for just a split second. I just glanced in the doorway and saw him and when I blinked he was gone. It was one of those moments where I wasn’t sure if I was just tired or what. But it was a younger man in his 20s. He was tall and had brown hair and was slim. I saw that much of him. I didn’t say anything to my grandmother because I thought it was just silly. But then she started seeing things. I. And home from work one day and she told me she saw the face of a man peek out from that same door way. He had brown hair. At this point I was a bit weirded out. And from then on we have seen small things like shadows, things seeming to sprint past out of the corner of our eyes. But even with all of that I was skeptical and thinking it was just us being paranoid. But then last night happened. I saw him. He was there in my room. I was dead asleep at 4 am and something woke me up. I don’t know what it was but I jolted awake and there standing beside my bed looking at me, just watching me was a man. He was shirtless, he was slim. He had a young face and brown hair. His skin was a pale purple. I felt my blood run to ice, I have never moved so fast in my life, I jumped and stumbled out of the other side of my bed to scramble to the light switch. I turned on the light and there was no one there. He was gone. My heart was racing so fast I thought I was going to pass out. I couldn’t make myself turn the light back off. I sat there in my bed with the lights on until morning. I am currently exhausted. But I saw this man in detail. It was not a dream. And now I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to believe but... I saw him. And now I don’t know what I’ll do. I don’t want to go back to sleep. It seems to be only my room/the back Wong if the house that this spirit lurks in. However, as terrified as I am I do not believe that this spirit is evil or means any harm. He’s only been peaceful. There’s no slamming doors or knocking things off of tables or anything like that. It doesn’t appear that he’s trying to scare me. He seems curious to me. He’s always peeking around but doesn’t stay. And I feel that last night he was just watching me... curiously. But I am freaked out. However peaceful this spirit is, it is utterly terrifying to wake up and see someone beside your bed. Now I guess I’m looking for answers on what to do. I guess I’m looking at how to make peace with this spirit. I don’t know what else to do.

    UPDATE: Just learned from a neighbor that the man that lived in this house before us was a man who died in his 40s. He died in the house.

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    Ghost Dog

    From Redditor u/stevie768:

    I took my dog out for a walk around 8pm, early spring time I believe because it was dark. On a road that is straight but uphill and leads onto a sewage treatment centre. As I'm walking up the road a car drives past me, gets to the top (it's a dead end) and turns around headlights beaming towards me. I walk halfway up the road and start to walk back.

    In the distance I can see two black figures, clearly a man and a small dog,at this point they must be at least 200m away. As I start getting closer to the figures I shorten my dogs lead and move onto the opposite side of the road. My dog had a bad attitude with other dogs so I was being careful.

    At around 50m apart from the figures,they are still hard to make out, there are no lights down this road and the only source of light is the car behind me at least 400m away. My dog starts trying to pull on the direction of the small dog and I'm holding her back.

    It's at this point I start getting a little weirded out, I'm now close enough that I should be able to make out features but the figures seem to be slightly transparent. My dog is still trying to drag us over to them.

    I get about 5ft from the figures and they just disappear into the grass behind them. I walk away thinking that it was obviously just our shadows from the car up the road. On my way home though it runs through my mind

    Why wasn't the figure moving? The figure just stood there. My shadow would move with me.

    Why wasn't the shadow changing size/direction or anything a shadow would normally do?

    The figure was a man and a small dog, I'm a man with a Malamute! Not a small dog at all!

    Nothing about it acted like a shadow, and is the single creepiest thing I have experienced.

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    Don't Sleep

    From Redditor u/jennyteresa28:

    An older woman passed away in our apartment one month before we moved in (we were only changing units within the same complex so we had seen her around). One night while sleeping in our King sized bed, I woke up to feel what I thought was my husband rubbing my lower back. As I turned around to see why the hell he was doing this in the middle of the night, I came to see that he was facing the other direction and was lying a good 2 feet away from me.
    Then a few nights ago I felt four strong pulls on the covers that I had wrapped around me. Four quick very strong pulls in succession. This was weird because my husband had once felt four quick pushes on his shoulder while he was sleeping, but hadn’t told me about it so I wouldn’t be scared. Weirdly enough, nothing ever happens when we are awake, nothing ever moves, goes missing, doors don’t creak...nothing. Which kind of makes me think we are imagining things, but it seems too much of a coincidence!

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    The FitBit Knows

    From Redditor u/GhostorNot:

    So, I will state that I do not believe in ghosts but strange things keep happening that have no good explanation.

    About a month ago I walked into the bedroom to talk with my wife who was just waking up. I noticed that her wedding ring was on the foot of our bed (the footboard). I pointed it out and we freaked out because we almost lost a wedding ring (probably our single most valuable possession). But we couldn't find an explanation for how it got off her finger during the night and somehow miraculously ended up on the footboard. It is VERY hard to get off her finger, and we do have pics of it on her finger with our dog the night before. It was strange enough that we decided to set up a nest cam in our room just to watch.

    Like idiots we didn't get the nest subscription to save video. When my wife woke up this morning her fitbit was on the side table when she had it on the night before when she went to sleep. Now, fitbits track things. They track lots of things, like sleep schedules, heartbeats and even movement. Thinking it was strange we had the genius idea to look at the logs. Sure enough, at 11:53 the tracking of the fitbit abruptly stops. One hour before this happened her heart rate suddenly went through the roof (resting heartrate is around 60, her heart rate went up to about 160). For the next hour she slept soundly without any movement and without waking up and suddenly the tracking just ceased.

    Now, we quickly found out that the night of the ring occurrence was the night of the 15'th of last month. We just checked and her heart rate had a similar spike last month. However, when we checked several other days at random we didn't see any spikes.

    These were occurrences we thought were strange at the time so they are noted. However, when we started to think back there have been about 5-6 other strange things.

    I have a deaf dog. She never barks. She used to when she could hear other dogs but she has been completely deaf for about 3 years now. Last night while watching community (go netflix!) she started barking at random in the kitchen. It was strange enough that we had a conversation about it but ultimately settled on her being a weird dog. This is only strange in connection to the fitbit incident.

    In our household we have a very strict rule about unplugging the toaster. That is because on two occasions (once about a year ago and another time 2 years ago) our toaster would simply start heating up in the middle of the night and stay burning for the rest of the night. Once it caused a big fire burn on the wall and the other time it was in a breadbox and cooked all the bread, caused damage to the door and melted all the plastic to itself. We found both in the morning still hot. Earlier this week we found the toaster plugged in and neither of has used it in a few weeks. The rule is so harsh about unplugging it that if you fail to unplug it when you use it you lose internet and phone privileges for a week. I should mention, there are no kids it is just my wife and I.

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    Ghost Piano

    From Redditor u/Brock-Murphy:

    My aunt ran an inn that opened in the 30s, was majestic and catered to the “haves” that came for the warm spring water. Upon her death she left my family a 1943 Knabe Grand Piano which used to reside in the Entertainment room of the Inn.

    The piano was moved to the family home. It resided there for 3 years before the ‘event.’

    I was newly married. My wife and I were home alone due to my parents being on vacation. FYI: It was great having the house to ourselves.

    We were upstairs in the bedroom which was located directly above the piano on the lower floor. I had the reading light on and my wife had turned on her side facing towards the wall away from me.

    10 to 15 minutes passed and as expected, uneventful. Then as I was reading I became aware of distant music. Distant piano music. Let me be clear: When in the bedroom above the piano when it was being played it was loud. A baby grand with the top propped open is capable of a surprising volume when called upon. That’s not what I was hearing.

    The piano music was coming from the location of the piano but it’s sound acoustically was distant. Similar to a person playing the recording of a piano at a low volume from the piano’s location. But it wasn’t a recording because you could still feel the resonance.

    I placed the book that I’d been reading on my chest. Simultaneously, my wife (without turning over) reached behind her, placed her hand on my forearm and said, “Do you hear that?” The adrenaline went through me without moving a muscle. Her confirmation triggered it.

    After retrieving a shotgun and having a quiet and hurried brief discussion I made my way downstairs. I knew I’d be able to flood the downstairs with light by clicking on the switch at the top of the stairs which gave me comfort.

    The piano sat at the bottom left of the stairs partially obscured by the wall. I quietly reached around the corner to the light switch with my right hand while holding the shotgun in my left. All the while the piano music remained soft, light but consistent. I clicked the switch and .. no lights! NO LIGHTS!

    Panic set in and then my racing mind remembered that when retiring for the evening my wife had flipped the downstairs switch which worked identically as the switch at the top in cutting the downstairs off. Meaning? If I wanted the overhead lights on downstairs I’d have to walk down the stairs in the dark, click the switch at the bottom and have the lights come on with me only feet away from the piano.

    “HEY! HEY!!!” I hollered from the top of the stairs now that my element of surprise was shot. “ I’m armed with a shot gun and WILL blow your f*#$ head off man. I MEAN IT.” I began my descent. The music had stopped at some point. I was too shook to remember exactly when. I reached the 3rd to the last step and clicked the light switch with gun pointed straight at it.

    There was nothing. No one. I searched the doors, the laundry area, behind the bar. Nothing.

    The piano stayed at the house for another 19 years without another event or occurrence. Although moving out, We’d shared the story with my folks and from their accounting - they never experienced what we did.

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