True Stories People Confess The Most Shocking Deathbed Confessions They’ve Ever Heard From Loved Ones  

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When a person realizes they are about to die, they often have regrets or even guilt, which may result in some truly shocking deathbed confessions. Most people don't want to carry their burdens into the afterlife and will take the opportunity to share their most intimate (and sometimes disturbing) stories with others.

To live with a shockingly secret story one's entire life can be troublesome, but when truths suddenly come out on a loved one's deathbed, the people affected are often shocked and horrified. Stories may even be so revealing that the lives of their entire family are changed forever.

True stories of deathbed confessions can include affairs, secret children, terrible acts that no one knows about, or even their true feelings toward loved ones. In fact, these stories from Reddit about deathbed confessions include all of the aforementioned and more. Some of these tales are even downright creepy – stories their families may have preferred not to know.

Redditors share deathbed stories in these shocking confessions from their loved ones, and the results are often terrifying. Read on at your own peril, and vote up the admissions of guilt you are glad were not confessed to your family. 

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This Patient Kept A Fatal Accident Secret

From immadee:

"My mother-in-law worked at a nursing home so she had seen death, but one stuck with her. A patient knew he/she was near death and called out for someone -anyone- to listen. She listened. The patient said that when they were young, their father had been out drinking with some friends and on the way home he had hit a little girl. Gave very specific details about where and when it happened. The girl was maybe 3 years old. Her father and his friends buried the little girl under the porch steps and never spoke of it again.

The person had lived with the guilt of keeping it a secret and felt horrible that the little girl's family would never know what had happened. They had to let someone else know."

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A Man Told His Grandson All The Horrible Things He Did As A World War II Soldier

From BattlefieldInsanity:

"Shortly after he was diagnosed as suffering from the final stages of heart failure, a few weeks before he died, my grandfather told me several stories about WW2 that changed my view of him and of war in general. Now, before I start, I should tell you that my grandfather was one of the kindest men you'd ever meet. Always friendly, never drank, the kind of guy who gave the shirt off his back to those who needed it and handed out the biggest candy bars in town on Halloween. Everyone loved him.

Shortly after D-Day, my grandfather was part of a 12 man rifle squad fighting in Northern France. As his unit entered a seemingly abandoned village, they were ambushed by a squad of Germans and the unit was torn apart. They won, but by the end of the fight only three of the Americans were still alive, and one of them was badly wounded. The squad leader and his assistant were dead. The two unwounded soldiers swept the battle scene and hauled three badly wounded German Wehrmacht soldiers into the middle of the street.

My grandfather looked at the other American soldier, said 'No Prisoners,' and cut the throat of one of the Germans right there. He said he almost puked because there was way more blood than he was expecting. His partner lifted his rifle to shoot the other two, but my grandfather stopped them. He said that there may have been other German soldiers nearby and didn't want the gunfire attracting them.

So they dragged the other two into the shallow ditch on the side of the road, with about six inches of water in it, and stood on the German soldier's heads until they drowned.

After that, he said he hated Germans. He confessed to a number of war crimes, including shooting German civilians and killing German soldiers who were trying to surrender (apparently a not uncommon occurrence).

But the worst? He told me that he only felt guilty about one thing he'd done. In early 1945, his new squad was going through a small German village when he and a couple of other guys kicked in the door to a small house. Inside was a small old German woman in a wheelchair, who immediately started screaming and cursing at them in perfect English. My grandfather kicked her wheelchair over, rolled it out the door, and then knocked an oil lamp over as he left the house with his partners. She burned to death.

He looked at me with cold eyes and said, 'That was too cruel. She was an old woman. I should have just shot her.' Damn."

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A Man Admitted To A Violent Murder

From DemonicWombat:

"Related to me by my mother before her passing: My great uncle admitted that he had killed his first wife by beating her to death with a bowling ball because he found her molesting their neighbor's son when he was 5 years old. This was when he lived in Ireland and a few years later he moved to America, met another woman, and lived his life happily; had a number of kids and gran-kids. It put most of the family into shock as my great uncle was one of the most non-violent people you would ever meet.

No explanation on how he got away with it, or any more than that. He died like 3 minutes later. Shook my family up for a while."

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This Man Apologized For A Serious Crime

From TheMikeroni:

"Not necessarily a confession, but I used to work in an assisted living home and on his deathbed a resident apologized profusely for molesting his daughter's son just minutes before he took his last breath.

...The daughter was there and started bawling saying 'I forgive you, I forgive you.' Very emotionally charged moment. She explained later that he had sought help with his family and was reformed, but could never let go of the guilt. Assisted living homes are wild, man."

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