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People Describe The Most Shocking Deathbed Confessions They’ve Ever Heard From Loved Ones

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When a person realizes they are about to pass, they often have regrets or even guilt, which may result in some truly shocking deathbed confessions. Most people don't want to carry their burdens into the afterlife and will take the opportunity to share their most intimate (and sometimes disturbing) stories with others.

To live with a shockingly secret story one's entire life can be troublesome, but when truths suddenly come out on a loved one's last breaths, the people affected are often shocked. Stories may even be so revealing that the lives of their entire family are changed forever.

True stories of deathbed confessions can include affairs, secret children, terrible acts that no one knows about, or even their true feelings toward loved ones. In fact, these stories from Reddit about deathbed confessions include all of the aforementioned and more. Some of these tales are even downright creepy – stories their families may have preferred not to know.

Redditors share deathbed stories in these shocking confessions from their loved ones, and the results are often beyond imagination. Read on at your own peril, and vote up the admissions of guilt you are glad were not confessed to your family. 

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    An Adopted Man Discovers His Real Father

    From tay-lorde:

    "My dad was adopted from a woman who went to my grandparents' church and got pregnant out of wedlock. My grandpa confessed....that he had actually had an affair with that woman and he was my dad's real father, which was why he suggested adopting him in the first place."

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    A Man Invites His Mistress To Come Visit Him In The Hospital

    From NinjaDK:

    "My mother worked as a nurse in the biggest hospital in Copenhagen. A dude is...ill with cancer, has his wife, children and entire family next to him. He decides before he [passes] that he was gonna phone the girl he was cheating with on his wife to meet up at the hospital when the entire family was there.

    My mother had to move the entire family into another room when she showed up, because of massive shouting and hysteria. What a selfish [person] he was."

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    A Man Revealed His True Feelings About His Wife

    From sn00pdogg:

    "My grandpa told my grandma [before passing] that he hadn't loved her for almost 30 years, and he was close to divorcing her many times, but could never go through with it."

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    This Woman Discovered The Truth About Her Parents

    From Kaslyne04:

    "My mum was from China though we are now happily residing in an European country. We went back to China for my grandmother's last few weeks as she was [struggling with] terminal cancer.

    On my grandma's last days, she requested that mum stay with her alone, and it was only then she revealed that my mum wasn't her biological kid. My grandma confessed that she has bought my mum from  [the black market] (which was common in China), because she had tried for many years and still couldn't get pregnant.

    My mother cried a lot, not only for the unimaginable [challenges] that her biological parents likely went through in losing a baby, but also for the fact that my grandparents have went beyond to treat my mum as their little princess. They literally did treat my mum as their own. They were never [mean] and only gave her the very best in life. They even willingly send my mum to the US for university education even though they aren't rich by any means."

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