Graveyard Shift People Reveal The Creepiest Ways Someone They Knew Died  

Mick Jacobs
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Though death already seems relatively unpleasant as a general rule, dying in a creepy way definitely makes the experience a whole lot worse. When people die in creepy ways, you start to wonder what exactly went through their minds during their last moments. Dying in a freak accident only gives the victim a limited amount of time to process their own mortality, and the idea of your mind going black before you even register what's happened sounds like a terrible way to go. The unusual ways people die serve to remind everyone of the thin line between life and death, and that creepy deaths aren't all that uncommon.

In fact, weird deaths happen all the time, with enough frequency that Reddit started a thread surrounding strange and creepy ways people have died. Reading the accounts of people who died strange deaths is just as fascinating as it is extremely terrifying. By the time you finish reading, you'll want to buy yourself a helmet, install guard rails onto your bed, and literally never come within 20 feet of any automobile ever again.

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Blown To Bits

From a deleted Reddit user:

"I used to work for a small company, we'll just call it Office A. Office A was in competition with another office (B) that was also in the area. I was good friends with a coworker, who actually got me hired there, we'll call him Joe.

"Joe was staying late one night working on a big project that he was excited about, and it was about 7:30 PM. I had a really long day, and decided to go home after being there with him. Essentially, he was the only one left in the building aside from security and custodians. The next day (Saturday) I got a ring from my boss. I expected him to call me in so that I could help finish the project or something like it. I let the phone ring out, and took a shower. When I got out, my phone was blowing up. I had around 50 new text messages from other coworkers, and missed calls.

"I called my boss, and he informed me that Joe had died in the office, and that the police are investigating. The investigation was a very stressful process, and I was blatantly accused multiple times (I was the last one seen with Joe). Security later confirmed that Joe came down to the lobby for something after I had left the building, so it ruled me out.

"The strange bit? He was completely dismembered and mutilated, as if he just exploded. He wasn't even in the same room as his project. No signs of anyone else being in the office with him, either. It was like he swallowed a grenade and splattered everywhere. The window in the room he died in, was also shattered.

"They held a funeral for him, but there wasn't much to bury. His whacked-out step brother had a melt down later, and started yelling about these shadow men coming for him like they did Joe. To this day, I have no idea what happened. I had to quit my job soon after the incident. I couldn't stand that building anymore."

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Found Clawed To Death

From a deleted Reddit user:

"I have a cousin who was found clawed to death in his house. Long, sharp claws sliced him all the f*ck up and he bled out on the floor, presumably crawling to his phone that was charging across the room.

"They found no signs of a break in, no animal fur, and he lives nowhere near any place with wild animals. Remains a mystery to this day."

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The Body Beneath The Wardrobe

From Dateleke:

"My great-grandmother was found in her room with blood all over the walls/floor. The real creepy part was that she was found under a wardrobe that could barely fit a child, let alone a 97-year-old lady.

"I think they ended up saying there was 'no foul play involved' which freaked me out even more."

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A Government Agent Abuses His Power

From damnbish:

"High school kids on a double date driving through a basic army post. They were stopped by an MP who handcuffed the boys and drove everyone out to a remote training shack. He executed the boys and raped the girls. He shot both girls and buried them all in shallow graves. One girl played dead and after he left walked a couple of miles to find help. The guy was convicted, but there was another unsolved case of a high school couple missing with their abandoned car found on the base. First time I realized not to blindly trust a law enforcement officer."

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