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People Share The Secret They're Taking To The Grave

Updated August 6, 2019 3.0m views21 items

Pump up the Pretty Little Liars theme music, because today we're reading all about the secrets people are taking to the grave. Folks over at Reddit have been spilling true stories of unshared secrets and they range from pretty damn dark to somewhat comical. These threads cover the gamut - everything from interfamilial relationships to infidelity to cheating on a test.  

Some of these secrets get downright creepy. After all, people share their darkest secrets under the anonymity of the Internet. One can't help but wonder what secrets you'd take to the grave and how they measure up to these sordid confessions. 

  • Flowers In The Attic Vibes

    From trash_dis_junk

    "My extremely close, fun, trusting, platonic friendship with my sister is largely the result of the lust I once felt for her. 

    I'm a couple of years older than my sister, but we started puberty at about the same time [..] when she started developing her body I was attracted to it. Very. 

    Now, she was a bit of a brat growing up, and we treated her like it, so she must have noticed when I started treating her differently. As far as I could (and can) tell, she was appreciative that at least one person in the family enjoyed spending time with her. Wrestling on the couch. Playing video games together. Going to the local pool. I was damn distracted, but still enjoying my time with her. Trying desperately not to be caught […] sneaking glances or be too obvious with my physicality. 

    It was torturous. The cognitive dissonance between caring about her and what's appropriate in general, and desperately wanting her body, was one of the biggest struggles of my childhood. I remember one night on vacation we slept in the same bed in a hotel room. I stayed up the whole night, all too aware of her beside me. How thin her pajamas were, how easy it would be to stick out my hand and explore, wondering if it would wake her up. 

    Fortunately, I won this struggle. Nothing happened that night. Shortly afterward, I decided that I needed to get my life back in order […] and decided to completely repress any urges or thoughts related to her whatsoever." 

  • A Lying Cheat

    From fffeeesssrr:  

    "In 5th grade I cheated on an exam. My buddy and I were the only two people in the grade who got this particular question correct, but I copied him. The worst part was he was considered 'dumb' while I was at the top of the class, so the teacher was convinced that he copied me and he ended up getting suspended. 

    Long story short, I was too p*ssy to admit that I was the one who cheated as my parents would have murdered me if I failed the test and even worse if I got suspended." 

  • Levels Of Family Admiration

    From throwmeawaypls16

    "I'm generally not sexually attracted to anyone, but I am attracted to my cousin. He's a year younger than me and used to be the kid nobody noticed but me -- he was a little overweight for most of his childhood and was just generally awkward. […] 

    Fast forward a few years. I'm 17, he's 16. My family has moved closer to his. Now we're an hour apart. I'd heard that he's changed since I'd seen him last, but I didn't really think about it until we pulled up at my aunt's house […] he comes downstairs fresh out of the shower apologizing for being late; he'd had to coach a junior soccer game in the southern summer heat and needed to clean up. Meanwhile, I'm dying. What the fuck happened to that awkward kid I used to know? He's 6'4", golden skin, sandy blonde hair, beautiful clear blue/green eyes. He's also lost all the baby fat and gained just enough muscle to make him look really damn good. 

    Since then, over the last two years […] My cousin turned from an ugly duckling to, essentially, a Greek god. I've been attracted to him for the past two years." 

  • When Your Parents' Secrets Are Ones You Didn't Want To Know

    From emmastone11:  

    "My dad cheated on my mum with her sister when I was born (my aunt moved in to help my mother with the newborn i.e. me). My mother told me while she was drunk at a dinner party, and started it all off with "You know, I know I sometimes sound like I hate you, but there's a reason..." So, even though I love both of my parents, I secretly think they're both pretty awful excuses for human beings. My dad for obvious reasons, my mother for holding it all against me […] My mother was the one who told me.

    I have never been allowed to meet my aunty, but never really knew why until my mother spilled the beans."