People Describe The Single Most Horrifying Thing They've Ever Experienced

Have you ever experienced something so terrible, so horrifying, that you’ve never been able to forget it? Perhaps you’ve seen something that you’ve never been able to unsee. From nearly falling off a rollercoaster, to being attacked by a roommate, to rolling down a cliff, to watching someone take their own life, these real-life stories of terror have haunted the dreams of those poor souls who tell their tales. These Reddit users share the worst, the most horrifying, and the scariest experiences they have ever encountered. Read on for more true stories of terrible things that have happened to people.

  • Encounters In Abandoned Asylums Are Always Creepy, But This Might Be The Most Haunting

    From user Pokerthrowaway6969:

    A group of my friends and I explored an abandoned asylum/mental hospital a couple years ago in the OKC metro (very unsafe at night for silly college freshman like ourselves. The first experience we had was all of us taking our merry time enjoying the darkness and generally f*cking around. You have to come in through a broken window, and we were all gathered at the window just being dumb when we hear loud, echoing footsteps down the hall running towards us.

    We all did that, 'Who the heck isn't here? Who's messing with us?' look and turn and, after realizing we're all present and none of us are sprinting down a dark abandoned hallways, booted out of there. The second time, we could hear a group of people messing with us, jumping from around corners and such, but they never got too close (we assumed it was an animal at first, but got brave, and realized it was a person).

    We managed to catch them and, after staring at a collection of seemingly drugged up twenty-somethings, who begged us for cans of paint and cigarettes, we got the not-so-good vibes (finally, you say?) and tried to leave. The 'leader' of the haunted asylum cronies asked if we had jewelry, which we denied. He then said the creepiest thing I've heard in my life. 'I like jewelry. I take it off the girls here when they sleep.' We f*cking bolted.

  • Little Sister Fell Off A Dock And Was Swept Away In Front Of Her Family

    From user frothyflaps:

    I was watching fireworks with my family at my cousin's boat house on the Connecticut river. My family was about to get on the boat, so my dad and I were putting on mosquito repellant at the beginning of the dock, while my uncle got the boat all ready.

    My five-year-old sister walked down the dock past us, and neither of us thought anything of it since our cousin was just right there at the end of the dock, but not even five seconds later I hear him yelling, and see her slip in between the boat and the dock somehow. The boat ended up crushing her head against the dock, and knocking her unconscious. I don’t think I will ever forget the feeling of hopelessness, just seeing her there one second, and gone the next. She was dragged under by currents that were stronger than they had been in years, and got caught on a log/branch underwater and drowned. She was found about six-seven days later if I remember correctly.

    I’ve had many people tell me that it was my fault, or my family's, for not having someone next to her that whole time, but the facts that she was wearing a life vest, and we’d been there done that so many times, and that on top of the fact that my uncle was right there not even ten feet away, took any worry out of my head. I always really thought that kind of stuff only happened to other people, but that made me realize how easily accidents can happen to anyone, and I’m still constantly scared that others close to me may die in tragic accidents, in what are probably really ridiculous situations to be scared in.

    I’ve since been diagnosed with PTSD, and various other panic disorders, and still have night terrors nearly every night about it.

  • A College House Burned Down With Their Roommate Inside

    From user Darallo:

    My junior year of college I moved into a house with four other guys, we were all on the swim team. There was a party at our house one Friday night. Myself and my girlfriend however we're not drinking or participating in the party and we were just hanging out upstairs in my room which was in the attic.

    We went to bed when things started to quiet down. Around 4:30-5 am, somebody screaming woke me up. I was so dazed I thought it was just some drunk obnoxious people, my girlfriend starts to budge me to wake up saying she is hearing something. I look up and our alarm is blinking indicating the power went out, and we start hearing the smoke detectors going off. I walk out of my room into the second part of the attic where my roommate is already awake with a flashlight. We both go downstairs together, we walk through a walkway room and open the door to the hallway only to be hit with a huge wall of black smoke. We slam the door closed and run upstairs to grab our girlfriends to let them know there is a fire and we need to get out immediately. So we run downstairs into the walkway room and bust open the window to go out into the second floor balcony. All four of us jump down from there and we run to the side of the house.

    One of our roommates is trapped at the other end of the hallway, too drunk and too out of it from all of the smoke inhalation, so we start throwing rocks at his window to try to help him break the glass. I run to the front door, open it and try to crawl under the smoke because I hear someone lying on the floor moaning. Its too dark and the smoke is way too thick to get through so I am forced to abandon my friend. I run out into the street and see the fire trucks on their way so as soon as the first fireman runs out of the truck i immediately tell him where the two people are that are still in the house and how to get to them, also that one of our friends may be sleeping in the basement (he usually does when we have parties). They drag all three of the guys remaining in the house and rush them to the hospital. One of the guys was declared dead on the scene, one of them was unconscious for a week, and the other was in the hospital for a week as well however was conscious and moving around.  They still do not know what caused the fire but my theory was my friend (the one who died) was sleeping in the basement and left the PlayStation 2 running which set off the electrical circuits causing a fire.

  • I Watched My Friend Get Hit By Car And Die

    From user aRTie02150:

    When I was 13, I watched my friend get hit by a car and die.

    We were outside of a park and he was running around chasing these other kids and throwing sand at them. This is a park in an urban neighborhood so pretty much all of our houses, which were pretty much all multi family houses, are all within the vicinity of the park. This was also in the summer, the day before the 4th of July, so kids were everywhere. The two kids being chased ran into the alley between their house and their neighbors house. They stood behind their chain link fence and teased the kid chasing them because they got away. The kid chasing them was walking backward and swearing at them. He was walking backward between the parked cars that were along the curb and moving toward the street.

    I was across the street and seen a car speeding down the street toward him and before I could even say anything he had been hit. He flew about 25 feet and was laying in the middle of the street squirming around. I was in shock and looked eye to eye with the passenger in the rear seat on the right side. The car was only about 10 feet away. He shouted to the driver to go and they ran my friend over. He died right there in front of all of us. It's been almost 20 years and I still think about it.

  • The Last Thing You Need After A Long Day At Work Is To Be Held Up At Gunpoint

    From user geminiloveca:

    Got approached by a gangbanger (maybe 12 or 13?) my way home from work with my fiance (now ex-husband) one Sunday. I didn't realize something was wrong until I felt my fiance start turning my engagement ring so the diamond was in my palm and told me to stay quiet no matter what happened.

    The kid pulled a gun from his waistband and offered it to us for $200. My fiance said we didn't have any money. So the kid looked at me, waved the gun in my fiancé's face and said, 'What if we gank you for her?'

    He stared him down and said, very calmly, 'I'm on my way home from Mass with my wife.' All the while, he's squeezing my hand as hard as he can and tucking me into his side.

    I don't know to this day why that worked, but the kid lowered the gun, looked at the gold band on my finger and said, 'Yeah, okay. But don't tell nobody you saw me....' Then he ran off.

  • You Don't Want To Drive Recklessly On The Mountains

    From user Thisiisi:

    I went off a cliff in an SUV. I was a passenger and the driver was my stepfather. We were up in the mountains on a dirt, washboard road and he was going too fast. I asked him to slow down and he said, 'I don't have the same problem you and your mother do with mountain roads.' Then he turned his head to look at the mountains on the other side, and he didn't see the next sharp curve. I hollered at him and he swung the wheel hard away from the drop-off (there was no guard). We fishtailed back and forth and finally the car came to a stop. I thought for a second we made it. But then a horrible creaking sound came from under the car.

    My stepdad said, 'Aw sh*t, we're gonna roll,' and we did. All of the windows and the sunroof broke and sand filled the car. My eyes and mouth were full of sand. I hung on to the roof strap and the door. I thought, 'Well, this is it,' and waited to die.

    The roof of the car crumpled in over my head and I put one hand in top of my head to soften the blows. This all happened very fast, I didn't even realize what I was doing. I think it was just instinct. The car rolled a few times down into the canyon then hit a boulder and stopped, upright. I jumped out of the car and tried to climb back up the mountain. Some people came and pulled me up. My hand was all cut up from protecting my head but otherwise I had just some neck pain. All that night I dreamed I was tumbling. I found out a week later that I had ruptured a disk in my neck and had to have immediate surgery. It took a year before I was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (because I couldn't do my studies anymore).

    The whole thing was so traumatic that I had PTSD. I still talk to my stepdad but I have never let anyone drive me ever again. That was 17 years ago.