23 People Share Their Most Unpopular Film And TV Opinions

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We all have unpopular opinions about Film and TV... but sometimes we don't share them. These redditors took that nervousness away and went ahead and told us all about it on r/unpopularopinion.

  • 1. Not Allowed To Have An Opinion On A Show Until You Watch It


    "You are not allowed to have an opinion about a show until you actually take the time to look at it.

    I'm sick and tired of having to convince people to watch things that I think they could like.

    If you can't step out of your own damn comfort zone cause it looks "Cartoony" it's either you watch it or stfu about it. End of story".

  • 2. Star Wars Should Have Ended At Episode III


    Star Wars should’ve ended at episode lll

    The OT and the prequels are really the only noteworthy stories in the Star Wars universe, and the sequels are obvious money grabs with weak storylines. George Lucas said himself that Star Wars is about the tragedy of Darth Vader, which honestly would have been more powerful if they didn’t continue making films after ROTS.

  • 3. Sick Of The Same Actors


    "I am sick of actors like Ryan renolds and the rock.

    Anyone else? Feels like they are just shoving them down our throats at this point any chance they get. They play basically the same roles every time. Same sarcastic one for Ryan. Couldn't even finish the red notice. Cringed the whole time".


  • 4. Mr. Bean's Holiday Is An Underrated Film 


    Mr beans holiday is genuinely an extremely underrated film

    This film was gorgeous, I literally don't see anyone talking about it. The entire movie was good. It was really damn funny and had the perfect Mr bean humor in it mixed with some other elements which also didn't feel out of place. Not to mention the soundtrack was also awesome. The ending of the film was a little bit more emotional than I expected, hit me hard man. It was a really enjoyable and great movie overall and if your looking for a film to have a good time at watch Mr Beans Holiday.

  • 5. Pixar Golden Age Is Long Gone


    Pixar golden age is long gone and Disney is now better since the 2010s

    I am not deliberately comparing Pixar and Disney as I like both companies but I think Disney has been making better original films than Pixar since the 2010s. Frozen was a smash hit, Big Hero 6 was brilliant, Moana was well received, Frozen 2 was fantastic. Encanto I don’t like at all, but it does seem popular

    I love Pixar, it’s got some of my favourite films of all time under its belt

    I don’t know if this is actually a proper unpopular opinion but I really think it’s gone downhill since the 2010s. It still has some original gems like Luca, I actually like all Pixar films except Cars 2 and Soul. I’m not a fan of Inside Out either but it’s not that bad. But mostly now it seems to rely on sequels of older films. Most of the sequels are just as good as the original ones, but I think the sequels are done to save face cos the newer original films they make honestly are hit and miss

    I remember when Pixar characters used to be really well known, like everyone knows Rex, Dory, Mater, Edna Mode, Mike Wazowski etc. but now I actually struggle to name characters from newer films and barely can. I just finished watching Turning Red with my boyfriend and while I didn’t mind it, it was nothing new as the turning into animal thing was the main story of Brave. And honestly I think Brave is a much better film than Turning Red. 10 years from now I don’t think I’ll be able to name a single character. Meanwhile Dory, Rex, Mater etc. will live on in my head forever. Pixar has lost their sparkle, Turning Red is ok but doesn’t feel like a Pixar film to me and it’s not a patch on my favourite ever film Finding Nemo. It’s hard to believe they were made by the same company

    Pixar used to be better than Disney when it came to original films but not anymore. I think Pixar still reigns supreme when it comes to sequels though

  • 6. Shonda Rhimes's TV Isn't Prestige


    Shonda Rhimes makes mediocre television

    Grey's Anatomy, HTGAWM, Bridgerton and now Inventing Anna - despite falling under different genres, they all have a couple of things in common (besides their creator ofc). They begin with a good premise but under-deliver, are over the top and almost always meandering. I understand her popularity (mediocrity is almost always celebrated everywhere) but surely people don't think her television fare is actually any good? And I hardly find her women characters well-rounded, they have surface level nuance and are one-dimensional character tropes.