Stoners Describe The Moments They Realized 'I'm Way Too High For This' 

Mick Jacobs
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There comes the point in every cannabis user's career, whether they're a casual smoker or a full-on stoner, when the THC becomes too much. From underestimating edibles to overestimating their tolerance, people who get "too high for this" completely miscalculate how weed may impact a given circumstance. Sometimes people attend professional situations blazed; others get too freaked out to leave their homes and send stoned texts that only make sense to a fellow blazer.

These high moments may seem terrifying at the time, but they can become fond moments to recall - at least for the friends who watched the events unfold.

Getting Too Generous

From Redditor /u/YourDailyDevil:

Trying to play it cool with the cops.

I had cigarettes on me and figured normal people offer other people cigarettes.

The problem is that the cops weren't actually out of their car, and [were] driving away. So there's me, 16 and stoned off this Earth, sprinting down a street after a police car waving a box of cigarettes in my outstretched hand.

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A Donut Do-Not

From Redditor /u/camimac:

It was dark. Me and my ex ate a whole bag of those mini powdered donuts while giggling and snorting. I turned on the lights and realized that the powdered donuts were covered, no, piled with fuzzy green mold. We laughed even harder. Then went to sleep.

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Driveway To Highway

From Redditor /u/MeccaDeath:

Getting lost while parked in my driveway. I just zoned out and couldn't figure out where I was.

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Voicemail Failure

From Redditor /u/PanTran420:

I was a freshman in college and my mom called to b*tch me out about something. I was high AF so I let it go to voicemail. I checked the voicemail pretty much immediately after. She was really laying into me good for whatever it was (probably money, I had a problem with over-drafting that year). About 30 seconds in, I started trying to argue with her.

Obviously, being a voicemail, she wasn't responding to my arguments, so I got really mad at her and started yelling at the phone, "Why aren't you listening to me! Can I just say something! STOP TALKING!" Then she just stopped talking completely and I remembered it was just a voicemail.

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