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People Share Their Most Wholesome Ghost Stories And Paranormal Experiences

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When most people think of ghost stories, the first ones that come to mind are the scary ones - what you see in horror movies, and things that go bump in the night. But what about friendly ghosts? The ones that mean no harm? Those are the kind of pleasant paranormal experiences these people have had. Not terrible moments of fear, but wholesome and happy ghost stories featuring loved ones long past, deceased pets, and other generally friendly spirits.

So if you're craving something spooky but still light and heartwarming, enjoy these many accounts of good ghosts, and make sure to vote up the ones you think are the best!

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    What Took So Long, John?

    Posted by u/_Black_Dahlia:

    My great grandmother watched my great grandfather [pass]. They were truly in love forever. After he [left], she woke up every morning and said, "Damn it!" because she was ready to pass away. My great aunts would hear her talking on a baby monitor they set up talking to members of the family who had already passed. Finally one afternoon, they heard her go, "John, finally! Why are you always late." They were frozen as John was my great grandfather's name. They walked in 10 minutes later and she passed away. She was just waiting for her husband to come get her.

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    Grandpa Helps A Mother Cope

    Posted by u/RawNonaccomplishment:

    I've had 2 miscarriages. I miscarried my first pregnancy then had my son. I was pregnant for the 3rd time and had a dream about my recently deceased grandfather. In the dream we were having a picnic, me, my son, my grandfather, an older boy, and I was holding a beautiful brown eyed little girl. I knew they were all my babies. My grandfather told me "you take (sons name) to the park, I'll watch over these two. " it was so peaceful. I gave the baby to him and my son and I walked away. I found out 2 days later that I had miscarried again. I believe that was my grandpa telling me that he was watching over the two babies I lost/was about to lose.

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    The Perfect Final Resting Place

    Posted by u/Alligator_P1e:

    After my Grandmother passed away, I brought some of her ashes home with me in a little baggie (of course, with the intent of buying a lovely little urn to put them in and display somewhere). They sat in my kitchen for a couple of days. I figured it was kind of irresponsible to leave human remains in plain sight in a main room of the house, so I decided to hide them in my room until I could figure out the perfect place of honor for them.

    I picked up the baggie and walked down the hall to my room. The moment I passed through the doorway, I got this horrible, sick feeling from head to toe, like every bone in my body was objecting. It felt like a resounding, "NOPE."

    I turned right around and walked back to the kitchen. The feeling completely disappeared. Suddenly, I realized: Grandma was the very best cook I've ever known, and feeding her family was her greatest joy. Of course she'd want to be in the kitchen, where she could supervise! I felt as though she was trying to make it very clear that I shouldn't move her anywhere else.

    I said, "Okay, I get it! You can stay in the kitchen if that's what makes you happy," and then I tucked the ashes away in the cupboard above the fridge. They've since been placed in a lovely container and the weird feeling has never returned. I'd like to think she's glad I "heard" her request. Now I always feel happy when I cook, because I know she's right here with me to make sure I'm doing my best.

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    It Saved Their Child's Life

    Posted by u/tenpercentofnothing:

    My aunt and uncle live in a haunted house... They’ve heard footsteps, doors opening when no one else was there, etc. One cousin described a ghost he saw in detail (old woman in a long dress). The house was built pre-Civil War and they’ve lived in it over 30 years now. 

    The best story involves that same cousin above when he was less than three months old. He was attached to a heart monitor that would go off if he stopped breathing. The rules for the monitor were that the parent(s) has to be on the same floor as the baby while the baby slept. Well, it was July and my aunt was desperate for a shower, so she left him sleeping at the bottom of the stairs. At the very top of the stairs was the door to the bathroom which she left open and hopped in the shower.

    After about thirty seconds of the water running, it just shut off completely. As soon as it did, she heard the monitor’s alarm going off. She ran down the stairs soaking wet and my cousin’s face was blue. She pulled away the blanket he had tucked around him and that motion was enough to get him to start breathing again and his face to go pink. The shower worked perfectly fine later. There was never any explanation for it shutting off. My aunt wasn’t sure if it was the ghost or divine intervention.