Holidays These People Shared The Worst Christmas Presents They've Ever Gotten  

Mick Jacobs
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Nothing dulls the holiday spirit quite like terrible Christmas presents. Though not exactly Christmas tragedies, the worst Christmas gifts ever received impact like a lump of coal in your stocking. After standing through midnight mass with your once-a-year Christian family, imagine Santa, karma, or Krampus deciding to reward you with a set of coat hangers or a used coloring book. Truly, bad Christmas presents go against what Christmas is all about; if the Christmas spirit is about "giving," you need to "give" it your all, Aunt Karen, and give more than a pet rock.

People of Reddit shared the worst Christmas gifts they ever received, revealing more ways that the Christmas season actively sucks. No one asked for an expensive Christmas gift, but they certainly didn't ask for used underwear either.

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A Nintendon't

From piepie526:

"I once got a cover for a DS from my parents, thinking 'Well if they're giving me this, there must be a DS in another one of these presents!' 

"Boy, was I sad that day."

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Gloves Without The 'Love'

From schmittimillian:

"A couple years ago, my older sister got a new laptop, my younger sister got a new iPod, and I got gloves. Not even nice gloves, they weren't even warm."

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Left Them Hanging

From Billy_Ray_Valentine:

"My great aunt got me coat hangers one year. They were the metal ones you get from the dry cleaner with knitted covers over them.

"I was 10 at the time."

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'How Do I Open This?'

From milloella:

"A coconut. For real. My half-brother's granny used to bring him piles of loot from Florida for Christmas and nothing for me. My mother finally spoke up and said granny had to bring a gift for me too.

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