People Share What It's Like To Be In Russia As It Invades Ukraine

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On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. This conflict arrives after decades of mounting tension between the countries. But we must keep in mind that it is a country's government acting on the global stage, while its inhabitants are the ones who feel the effects and suffer the consequences.

These pains are even more evident when two countries are as close as Russia and Ukraine. Generations of families span those borders, interlacing the two sides' separate and distinct cultures and histories. This is a war where family is hurting, where a friend's home is being invaded.

People living in Russia, and Russians living abroad, took to Reddit to express how they feel.

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    They Are 'Terrified'

    From Redditor u/olinochka:

    Shocked, angry, ashamed, but mostly f*cking terrified. I’ve been crying all morning. Putin doesn’t speak for our nation, we didn’t elect him, it was all staged. I don’t want war. I don’t know anyone who wants war. I’ve got family in Ukraine, lots of us do and it’s excruciating to read all the news.

    We try to organise protests but it’s hard since this f*cking usurper got most of our protestants to rot in jail. But we try. It is scary to go cause all the protests end the same way with no results. But I feel that it [is] important to go and at least try to make a change.

    We want peace. There’s literally no reason to start a war EVER. This is not my president, he is a killer and he must be held accountable for his crimes.

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    They Do Not Support Putin

    From Redditor u/RedBlueKoi:

    Russian here. This b*stard Putin is simply out of his mind! He is a mad man. I am terrified of what’s happening right now.

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    They Are Planning Escape

    From Redditor u/savageexplosive:

    I’m f*cking horrified. I can’t believe this is really happening. I have already packed an emergency kit, withdrew all our dollars (not much) and rubles (worth next to nothing at the moment). There are lots of bots spamming that Ukraine gets what it deserves, but it’s not f*cking true. Many celebrities have already called for the politicians to stop the war, the young are already getting arrested for anti-war protests as of right now.

    I have donated to some of my Ukrainian friends to help them escape and I can only hope that they will be as safe as possible. I also have downloaded maps of most of our neighbouring regions and was kind of making a plan to seek refuge in Latvia or Estonia, but apparently we will not be welcome there, and we are trapped in a country governed by an elderly man who we couldn’t really believe was THAT mad right until today.

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    Their 'Soul Is Draining'

    From Redditor u/ColeNdeRino:

    I am Russian. Living in Moscow right now

    This week is probably one of the worst that I have ever had in my life. My soul is draining when I see that face of my country (even though, I purely hate him and a lot of other Russians does, but, however, TV propaganda works great for older people and due to that there he still has supporters. And yes, his last election was 100% falsification) declares freaking war on Ukraine - nation, with which we have one of the strongest roots. F*ck war.

    Also, about people not trying to act against him. Believe me - a lot of us does. However, it’s not that easy to start protest on three streets. Why? Several reasons:

    1. Older generation is fully against it. So most teenagers, that would like to protest, won’t come.

    2. After your protest you can probably lose everything you have. I am serious. Work, university (they can just drop you) and etc. Also you can easily go to jail. For a long time.

    3. Right now it is illegal to bring a lot of people together on the streets due to pandemic. So government can without a doubt and with a huge smile just arrest you. Or hit you. Lots of times.

    4. And the last and the most important one. Putin don’t gives a single f*ck about protest. He just does not care.

    I am afraid of everything that happens. And totally against it. But the worst thing is (if we exclude lots of Ukrainian deaths, just because I cannot even think about it, because I just start to f*cking cry) after everything ends, Russian will be guilty for everything. Even so, most of them just want peace and war. No one cares - we are guilty. And we will carry this burden for the rest of our life...

    Peace to everyone.

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    They Are Caught In The Middle

    From Redditor u/Telefragg:

    I live 80 km away from Kharkov. This morning windows were shaking, jets flying, some bombs hit our own houses (absolute disgrace from our army, incompetent f*ckwads). A big part of my savings for getting a better job and moving countries is turning into toilet paper before my eyes, undoing years of my work.

    F*ck this sh*t sideways. This powerlessness to change anything for the better is getting the best of me today, I'm tired of this deranged warlord claiming that I "support" him.

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    They Are 'Shocked'

    From Redditor u/TinyNuggins1:

    Deeply shocked and terrified, I don’t know a single real person who supports it, every person I’ve spoken with is in a pure state of horror. Until the last moment we couldn’t believe that this would actually happen and they would do this and we are horrified as we have no idea what will happen next to both countries. It’s already hard to live with the realization that your country is a world enemy and it makes it even harder considering that we are talking about Ukraine and Ukrainians as we never wanted to fight with them and still don’t want to.

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