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18 People Describe The Moment That Made Them Quit Helping Others

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There are plenty of good Samaritan stories out there on the internet to help warm your heart on colder days. But what about when a good deed goes wrong? Maybe that supposedly kind gesture wasn't actually welcome, or necessary. Or maybe the recipient of that goodwill isn't exactly grateful, or even deserving. 

It's those latter cases that made the helpful humans below give up their charitable ways. These are the unfortunate stories of those who learned the limits when to stop helping someone, or found out that helping others but getting nothing in return can sometimes turn into a vicious cycle that's hard to escape.


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    Couldn't Meet Her Even Less Than Halfway

    Posted by u/LifeIsSweetSoAmI:

    Was donating baby/toddler clothes to a mom in need through one of those Facebook donating pages. She didn't have a car. I did, so I drove 30 minutes away to deliver the stuff all for free. Got in a bad accident less than 5 blocks from her house. So I texted her to see if she could come get what she was able to because my car was totaled. She wouldn't walk the 4 blocks then reported me to the group and got me kicked out for "not following through." I ended up with a fractured sternum. Yeah... never again.

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    No Thanks Were Given

    Posted by u/ScammerC:

    My mother and her new husband had moved into a new place and invited all the "kids" over for Christmas.

    In previous years we would buy a whole turkey dinner from somewhere so no one (me) had to cook, so imagine my surprise when my husband and I walk in, my mother walks out of the kitchen, hands me a spoon and says, "Good, you're finally here," and goes to sit down in the living room.

    After a quick and awkward conversation, it was determined that my job was to make sure everything currently in progress (or not even started) got to the table on time, while everyone else socialized. Basically, I was the help, and should have realized that, so any feelings I had about that were my fault. I was a good cook, and my mother taught me everything (not) so I owed her.

    So I did, and not knowing the family dynamics, my new step siblings were very thankful and appreciative of all my efforts, which caused a meltdown from my mother about how we all should be thanking HER.

    That was the first time I used a phrase that has come in handy for these situations, "I'm so sorry, it will never happen again."

    And it never did. They weren't happy when they finally realized what that meant.

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    Fast, Furious, And Finished

    Posted by u/ItsmeHazzardous:

    I had a pickup truck, and anyone with a truck knows that means all of a sudden everyone and their cousin that is moving wants help.

    I had an old acquaintance from school. We weren't close, in fact he was a bit of a bully, but he seemed chill enough almost 15 years later. He asked me if I still had a truck, and if I could tow his car someplace. I said sure, throw me a couple bucks and rent a trailer and I'm your guy. Have the rental arranged, and I'll show up with a hitch and we're off to the races. I told him that I work midnights, and I'm gonna be tired, so the faster it's over the better for me.

    Well, I showed up, and he didn't have the trailer. OK, fine. We go get the trailer, and head over to his place. We get the car in, its all dandy. I ask where we're going. We're going 2 hours away. OK, that sucks. [He says he's] just gonna race the car at the drag strip 2 hours away - do a couple runs and we'll head back.

    Well my phone died, my truck didn't have a clock, he's off racing, and I can't find him anywhere. I finally manage to find him (had to be 4 hours later) and tell him its time to go. He says sure, just one more rip up the track. Fine. He disappears again, can't find him. I've got the truck running at this point, ready to tell him getting the trailer and the car back is his problem unless we leave right now.

    I'm exhausted. I barely slept, and I'm cranky. I see him flashing a big huge wad of cash. I think, well, at least I'm gonna get paid a decent chunk for my efforts. We get the car loaded up, and head back the 2 hours to our city. Drop the car off, drop the trailer off, and drop him off. He says thanks, and gives me 10 bucks.

    I'm astounded. I tell him "dude, this doesn't even cover gas. It was supposed to be a half hour, and it was pretty much all day." He goes "well, its all I've got on me, sorry man."

    And that was the last time I ever hauled a car... god just typing this out made me pissed off.

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    Faithless Friendship

    Posted by u/superwhovianlock:

    I stood by my best friend when she cried to me about her husband cheating. And he definitely was cheating. They stayed married and said they'd work through it. Six months later she was [sleeping with] my husband behind my back.