People Share Their Most Chaotic Halloween Stories, And It Gets Wild

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Halloween has always been a hectic holiday. Children roam the streets in search of sugar, people pull pranks and scare each other, and almost everyone is wrapped in colorful and wild costumes. But sometimes the night gets just a little too wild, and the results are a coin flip between hilarious and harrowing.

Here are the stories of people's wildest Halloweens. Some are funny, some are intense, but all have one thing in common: the kind of chaos that only comes with the spookiest night of the year.

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    Clever Crooks

    From Redditor u/HighHighUrBothHigh:

    ...So I was like 10 and noticed a guy following me and my friends in a car slowly to each house. We started running quickly to houses, but he would still follow a house or two behind. I ended up finding a cop and telling him, and he told me to walk to the next house and act normal, so I did. Cop goes up to check this guy out in the car and ends up searching it.

    Turns out the guy wasn’t after me and my friends, he was stealing from EACH HOUSE THAT DIDN'T ANSWER! So we were his bait to knock. If it wasn’t for me, this guy wouldn’t have [gotten] apprehended.

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    Too-Close Call

    From Redditor u/SugarHooves:

    When we were 18, my then-boyfriend "T" and I went to chill at a friend's brother's house. One friend was screwing around, going through the hall closet for some reason, and found a rusted double-barrel. He jokingly pointed it at T.

    T told him to stop messing around and point it at the floor. Friend laughed at him but pointed [it] down as he said, "C'mon, it's not loaded, and this old thing won't fire, anyway."

    Then he proceeded to shoot through the kitchen floor.

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    Gagged By Gobstopper

    From Redditor u/yabunsandthighs:

    I choked on a gobstopper. The Heimlich maneuver got it out of my trachea, but it then got stuck in my esophagus and I got it down with some bread. My throat hurt for days, and at the time, my parents called an ambulance, but we got it resolved before they came. Super scary.

    I have two young kids now that have been getting gobstoppers/jawbreakers on Halloween since they were 2. I always take them out and throw them away.

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    Random Gas Strike

    From Redditor u/teardropmaker:

    We all got tear-gassed on Polk St. in San Francisco. It's the mid-1970s, evening, everyone is milling around in [wild] Halloween costumes. Lots of fun, very chill... until some a-hole chucks a teargas cannister into the crowd. Pure chaos ensued, and my throat was sore for 24 hours.

    As far as I know, no arrests were ever made, but I think it made the Chronicle the next day.

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    False Alarm

    From Redditor u/Revolutionary-Body62:

    One year my mom did gore makeup for my dad. Just a lot of raw, flappy face skin and tons of blood. Well, just as it was getting dark and trick-or-treating was really starting to pick up, there was a wreck out in front of our house. My dad, hearing the sirens and commotion, ran out to see what was going on. He completely spaced on the fact that his face was mangled and what that and his clothes would look like to the responding officers and paramedics.

    It took a good bit of repeated reassurance to convince them that he was fine and not actually involved at all.

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    Horrifying Hospital Visit

    From Redditor u/carmelacorleone:

    My appendix burst the Halloween when I was 12, and I had to have surgery. I was delirious with fever, and one of the nurses was dressed as a clown and one as a vampire, and it scared the f*ck out of me. I don't remember much, but my mother says I screamed and cried not to be killed before they knocked my a** out.

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