People Describe Their Horrific Widsom Tooth Extraction Stories

Few people who go through the process of wisdom teeth removal typically recall anything pleasant, but some wisdom teeth operation horror stories get much, much worse than others. Of all the simple surgeries that could go wrong, wisdom teeth removal is perhaps the scariest because it also happens to be one of the most common procedures. Because of this, you assume dental professionals would do everything in their power to prevent horrible wisdom teeth operations, but alas, they continue to strike fear into the heart of adults and adolescents everywhere.

The only other place where blood, bone, and sharp objects come together is a horror movie, and sitting restrained in that operating chair feels a lot like you're about to be Jigsaw'd. This feeling, coupled with the general horrors of dentistry, means plenty of scary wisdom teeth extraction stories exist out there for your enjoyment, even if it comes at the detriment of another's joy.

  • Not Going Under Without A Fight

    From Redditor /u/NKSCF:

    This was about seven years ago. I went to the dentist, no harm no foul, and woke up in my living room. I felt a pain in my mouth and asked my dad how it went. I was still [...] dazed, so I was confused as to why he seemed to be holding back laughter.

    He told me that I hadn't gotten my wisdom teeth taken out. I told him he was wrong, because my mouth hurt. He said, 'No, you fought them.' I asked him what he meant by that and he explained that when I was put under, my subconscious mind was still aware of my surroundings. Thus, when they tried to work on removing my teeth, I interpreted this as [them coming after me] and started slugging the dentists. I always settled down when they weren't near me, so they strapped me into some restraints. When they tried to start again, I broke out of the restraints and fought them again. Eventually they gave up and my dad brought me home.

    They had to bring in an anesthesiologist to put me under with something that would restrict muscle movement. This finally worked. They told me later that the chances of me still being aware of my surroundings were less than two percent.

  • When The Gas Goes To Your Head

    From Redditor /u/diegojones4:

    My mom said I asked everyone to have [relations] with me. Male and female.

  • Did You Feel It All?

    From Redditor /u/candied_yams:

    Horrible. I had all four pulled in one day. They told me it would take 30 minutes per tooth so I shouldn't be at the dentist any longer than two and a half hours. My SO dropped me off at 8 am for the procedure and was going to leave one of his classes early to pick me up and drive me home before going back to class. He finished school at three. The dentist was just starting to pull my fourth tooth out and by the time the procedure was over, it was 5 pm.

    The dentist told me it would be uncomfortable during the procedure but I shouldn't feel anything more than some pressure along the gums after she numbed it. She injected the anesthetics, two per tooth and two on the roof of my mouth, and asked if I felt the tingly and numbness after a few minutes. I said no, so she injected more. She asked if I could still feel my face and started poking the areas that I shouldn't feel anything in, but I felt it, so she injected more. By then, I'd been poked by the needle 30 times (two per tooth + two on roof each time), and my mouth was finally starting to feel numb. I asked to be put out as the needles hurt and she said no, she needed me conscious to answer questions.

    The procedure starts and at first, all I felt was pressure. But the procedure was so f*cking long that by the time she was halfway done with blasting my second impacted tooth, the anesthetics were starting to wear off and I was beginning to feel all the pain, but I wasn't able to tell her or alert her that I was in pain since she was busy drilling or slicing something and I was too scared that grabbing her arm would shift the position of the instrument and end up cutting my face. After what felt like an eternity, her assistant came by to use the suction thingy that gets rid of your saliva, so I finally used the opportunity to tugged on her assistant's sleeve and dug my nails into her arm before she realized that I was feeling pain. They gave me some pill that was supposed to make me drowsy and numb the pain, but I didn't get drowsy and the numbness of my mouth was quickly disappearing. I felt each tug along the gum line while my dentist tried to extract my tooth.

    Now I have a pretty high pain tolerance and it was easily one of the most painful things I'd ever endured. The dentist said she couldn't really give me anymore anesthetics because I've had so much, so I ended up laying there with tears flowing down my cheeks as she finished up my third and fourth tooth extraction. She offered to stop after the first two and have me reschedule for the last two, but I decided against it and to bear the pain because I wouldn't have to have another tooth extraction again.

    The dentist told me I'd probably feel dizzy and lightheaded after the procedure from the anesthetics and that I would need help walking out of the office. I felt nothing of the sort. I felt fine aside from my swollen cheeks and painful mouth. Since that day, I have avoided going back to the dentist even for checkups. I've developed a fear of the dentist.

    TL/DR: 30 pokes to numb mouth. Didn't happen. Felt the entire procedure while crying. 0/10.

  • This One Struck A Nerve

    From Redditor /u/xsited1:

    Usually it's not bad, but one of mine was impacted so they had to chisel it out. A nerve was severed and I lost feeling in half of my jaw for about 10 years.

  • A Heart-Stopping Procedure

    From Redditor /u/only7inches:

    I had mine pulled out when I was 16, under a general anesthetic. I woke up and it was done, but apparently my heart had stopped a couple of times while they were working, scared the [heck] out of the doctors. The guy did such a brilliant job, and I had no swelling or pain, I had a sandwich to eat before leaving the hospital, and steak for dinner that night.

  • A Self-Clenching Jaw

    From Redditor /u/lustywench99:

    I only had three wisdom teeth. They took them out when I was in college. I'm very weird about anything with my teeth and mouth so I followed their care instructions perfectly to avoid issues.

    I still got dry socket. I don't know what all that was supposed to entail, but my mouth couldn't open. My dad drove me to the office because he wanted to see what the issue was. The dentist couldn't get my mouth to open much, so he slipped his fingers in between my teeth and started to pry it open. I've never seen my father actually swoop in to protect me until that day.

    Someone else came in and used some tools to repack it. Once they did whatever they did it felt much better and within a day my mouth could open just fine. It was like my jaw was stuck or something. I'm glad it's not something you have to do more than once.