Halloween Costume Blunders Guaranteed To Make You Scream (With Laughter)

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Halloween is all fun and games until it becomes a memory, and your ultra-cool homemade Bane get-up becomes a regrettable Halloween costume. Halloween costume blunders do not start out as disasters but rather good ideas taken to horrible places. Different from actually offensive Halloween costumes, regrettable Halloween costumes seek to impress rather than offend; yet, visually, they almost always do the latter. Some terrible Halloween costumes simply fail to age well, while others never should have been constructed in the first place. As a word of caution, fusion usually works when it comes to cuisine; costumes, not so much.

For every creative Halloween costume out there, there are 10 blundered Halloween costumes. Mismatched socks, awful face makeup, and tons of random plastic blades litter this collection of Halloween costume fails, courtesy of Reddit. Altogether, they prove Halloween is the scariest time of year for more reasons than one.